WhatsApp stays the “most used” in Morocco

Between 2021 and 2022, daily Facebook usage increased from 61% to 87%. Meanwhile, Instagram is increasing from 28% of daily usage in 2021 to 67% in 2022, while TikTok claims to be the biggest evolution, from 8% of daily usage in 2021 to 64% in 2022.

In addition, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, which are used very little daily in 2021, are increasing to 27%, 48% and 49% of daily usage, respectively, according to this study. Ease of use is one of Meta’s keys to success in messaging, the study says.

Thus, almost 3 quarters of rural respondents and 41% of people without education use WhatsApp. People aged 25-34 use it more compared to the general average (94% vs. 82%).

Messaging is not designed as regularly as other social networks, but its range of functionality covers all user needs: sharing all types of multimedia content (documents, photos, audio, video, etc.), location sharing, etc. . This mix of ingredients probably contributed to the popularity of this platform and 1st place on the social media barometer in Morocco in 2022, Sunergia estimates.

Facebook is losing ground

The study also shows that Facebook remains the second most used social network by Moroccans, with 68%, despite a drop of 4 points compared to 2021. This seems to indicate a loss of importance compared to other social networks. 64% of the rural population connects to Facebook, and this rate drops to 26% for people without education. The platform is more used by young people aged 25 to 34 (82%).

The study also reveals that 44% of Moroccans use Instagram, which is 2 points more than in 2021. Overall, the network is more popular with people under 35 (74% aged 18-24 and 60% aged 25-34) .

TikTok, I’m asking for confirmation

The TikTok platform is in 4th place, with 16% of Moroccans using it. Compared to 2021, the Chinese social network has evolved by 2 points, without confirming the increase in strength observed a year earlier (+9 points compared to 2020). TikTok is used more by women than men (22% vs. 10%).

Like Instagram, it is more popular among people under the age of 35, with a usage rate of 27% between the ages of 18-24 and 21% between the ages of 25-34. The barometer also shows that only 10% of Moroccans use the Telegram. Users have accused the social network Facebook of violating their confidentiality and right to privacy. At the time, several users migrated to other instant messaging platforms, including Telegram.

Snapchat, dizzying fall

Similarly, Snapchat is used by only 10% of Moroccans. The social network of ghosts has fallen by 11 points compared to 2021. It is used mainly by young people and can pay damages by directly competing with Instagram. The latter added a story concept in 2016, which made Snapchat a success.

With far fewer users than Instagram, Snapchat therefore saw its leading feature being duplicated by a major competitor, which probably led Internet users to leave Snapchat in favor of Instagram.

Also, 10% of Moroccans use Twitter. The social network, however, remains limited in terms of features compared to other networks, despite the addition of Spaces, live voice chat rooms that allow more users to chat in sound. A concept based on the success of the Clubhouse social networking platform.

The Sunegria Barometer also reveals that LinkedIn is used by only 9% of Moroccans, which is 2 points less than in 2021. The professional social network is used more by people with a high level of education (Bac +5 and more (38%)).

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