Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Client Healthcare announce the launch of Ascential Digital Commerce Join on the Cannes Lions Competition

The first data-rich e-commerce platform will allow senior executives to see a clear picture of digital commerce to improve brand performance

LONDON, 15 June 2022— (BUSINESS WIRE) – Ascential Digital Commerce, whose technology-based products enable brands to win digital commerce, and science-driven healthcare company GSK Consumer Healthcare, will join forces on June 20 during the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival to launched Ascential Digital Commerce Connectthe first of its kind, a data-rich digital commerce platform that provides executives with insight into brand sales and performance from multiple data sources. Ascential Digital Commerce Connect improves response time to market dynamics, thus increasing brand impact in the growing e-commerce retail market.

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Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Consumer Healthcare have teamed up in development Ascential Digital Commerce Connect, to provide visibility and clarity to the performance of GSK Consumer Healthcare e-commerce brands, improve response time to market dynamics and position the brand for future growth. GSK Consumer Healthcare predicts that e-commerce growth will reach a business growth percentage of 15% by 2025, making e-commerce a priority channel to boost overall sales.

According to a Nasdaq study, 95% of all purchases by 2040 will be made through e-commerce, and an IDC study from 2021 found that the digital commerce app market will see double-digit growth by 2025.

“Data visibility is becoming more important for businesses every day,” said Filippo Battaini, research manager at IDC Retail Insights. “Data flow management for these companies has become an increasing challenge as e-commerce has become a core business capability for companies around the world.”

Web platform Ascential Digital Commerce Connect captures, analyzes, visualizes and displays critical marketing data about each brand and competitor, enabling tracking of key activities and answering key questions of marketing professionals in order to:

  • Understand current brand / sales performance in the e-commerce market – independently, against major competitors and ownership channels, and against large online retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba

  • Analyze how brand health looks regional in EMEA, US and North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America

  • Manage potential challenges and disruptions related to the supply chain, research and development, disruptive markets, and other key metrics.

  • Calculate marketing spending more accurately as a percentage of gross revenue

During Cannes Lions 2022, Ascential Digital Commerce and GSK Consumer Healthcare will host a panel discussion to discuss the catalyst for developmentAscential Digital Commerce Connect and how GSK Consumer Healthcare currently uses the platform for brand success. Demo products will also be available to present the platform.

“The next five years will be a turning point in the retail industry,” said Duncan Painter, CEO of Ascential. “Retailers and brands that have the deepest and most up-to-date knowledge of the digital performance of their products and services will gain an informed competitive advantage. Platform Connect turns data into practical insights, and GSK Consumer Healthcare is on track to continue growing e-commerce. ”

“Today’s healthcare is driven by the digital economy, with consumers and patients seeking health information and services online, signing up for sports classes, ordering health products and beauty from their favorite online retailers or managing prescription drugs online,” says Taryn Marella, Global Head of Digital Commerce at GSK Consumer Healthcare. ” Ascential Digital Commerce Connect provides practical insights to help us monitor the health of our business and identify opportunities for growth, update messages and enhance creativity in the digital environment. ”

About Ascential Digital Commerce

Ascential Digital Commerce is driving a global e-commerce ecosystem. Our platform allows brands, companies and their partner agencies to connect with consumers, at every point of their journey to purchase goods and products. We turn data into practical insights, enabling brands to strengthen their competitive advantage and drive growth through better and faster decisions. We address the most complex challenges facing global brands and companies in the digital commerce environment, with technology and people’s expertise, to drive sales growth in key digital e-commerce markets worldwide.

About Ascential

Ascential provides expert insights, analytics and platforms to optimize e-commerce to the world’s leading consumer brands and their ecosystems. Our world-class companies improve performance and solve customer problems by delivering instantly effective insights combined with long-term visionary thinking in the areas of digital commerce, product design and marketing. We also provide services to clients in retail and financial services. With over 2,800 employees on five continents, we combine local expertise with a global presence for clients in over 120 countries. Ascential is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

About GSK Consumer Healthcare

GSK’s business Consumer Healthcare is on track to become an independent company, thanks to a proposed spin-off from GSK, expected in July 2022. The new business, which will be called Haleon, is expected to be a global leader in consumer healthcare. Guided by its goal of providing better everyday health with humanity, it will be very well positioned to play a vital role in a growing industry that is more relevant than ever. Haleon will have a portfolio of world-class leading global brands in this category, including Sensodyne, Voltaren, Panadol and Centrum, brands trusted by healthcare professionals, customers and people around the world to improve the health and well-being of individuals and their communities.

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