Coming into e-commerce 2021: a really promising guess

Successive closures and health restrictions in recent months have allowed for a significant acceleration in online product sales. Indeed, a report on e-commerce compiled by Fevad (Federation of E-Commerce and Distance Sales) reveals that online product sales grew by 32% in 2020. Although the giant Amazon is emerging as the undisputed leader in e-commerce. -shop, many independent players manage to find their place.

Pure player or click and plaster?

More and more entrepreneurs prefer to work exclusively on the Internet: they are pure player. Indeed, specialization in online product sales has many benefits for young companies. First from a financial point of view, making a website is much cheaper than making a commercial lease, an argument that is often enough to convince. Furthermore, launching its website can allow an entrepreneur to present and test their products to ensure the sustainability of future trade.

In contrast, for many retailers the development of online sales and click and collect, have established themselves as the best solutions to continue selling their products during the health crisis. These traditional players who have a real trade and who decide to open an online distribution are marked with a term click and plaster : “mortar”(Mortar in French) for the physical activity of the company and click”To develop your online business The fact of launching into e-commerce can enable a company to achieve a new goal or simply retain its customers thanks to an alternative way of selling.

Note that it is quite possible to go into dual distribution mode as soon as the activity starts.

E-commerce: don’t forget the rules!

Launching an online sales website cannot be improvised. First of all, from the legal-administrative point of view, it is obligatory to establish a company. This approach allows the entrepreneur to get a SIRET number and a VAT number within the community.

In addition, in 2020, e-commerce websites flourished online, but very often certain mandatory information was missing. Before you start, it is important to know that the legal regulations regarding the sale of products online are very strict, especially when it comes to addressing consumers.

In order to comply with the law, the buyer must be able to find all the information he may need directly on the seller’s website. Therefore, in addition to information that enables the identification of the company and its activities, the user must be able to find information regarding the protection of his personal data and the general conditions of sale and use. On the BtoC e-commerce website, information such as price and product features must be visible and accessible, and the order must be made in several stages so that the customer can check and correct his order several times. .

Therefore, it is necessary to be well informed at the beginning!

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