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Save time, reduce costs, save paper… Electronic signature is a great tool to increase productivity. Discover its benefits in this article…

Printing contracts, signing, scanning and sending back to the client, then repeating the operation during the day … We spend a lot of time on the administrative side of our business. Time that could be spent smarter.

Fortunately, an electronic signature comes to the rescue. Once adopted, the signature will be your best ally on a daily basis. For our part, we implemented it at the end of 2020 for all our contracts and training contracts. It saves us a lot of time every month.

Let’s look at the advantages of this device together.

Advantages of electronic signature

The first indisputable advantage is save time. As you can see above, editing a contract can take a long time to repeat during the day, and your electronic signature saves you valuable time.

In a few clicks you add the document to the platform and then just send the document to your client for signature. Automatic signature restart is often integrated into this type of tool, saving even more time.

Another advantage: cost reduction. You no longer have to print documents or send them by mail. You don’t have to print documents to save space. For example, I managed to divide the size of my document archive by 10, good luck!

The third advantage is a the service you provide to your clients. For their part, they also save time and do not have to print the document. Not to mention customers who do not have a printer and who, thanks to their electronic signature, can avoid looking for a printer from a third party.

Fourth advantage: security. Your signatures are verified by a third party, which makes your documents much more secure.

Last advantage: practicality. You can sign the document in a few clicks. The maneuver is so simple that it can be reported on the go. Electronic signature services also allow you to archive documents, so you will certainly not lose them.

In practice

Different electronic signature tools offer more or less this time:

1: Fill in the contact details of the signatory (usually e-mail and mobile phone number).

2: Load your pdf document and put signatures in the document.

3: Your interlocutor received an e-mail inviting him to sign the document. This email is often linked to an SMS to confirm his identity.

And that is all! It is very simple and saves valuable time.

As for the price, everything will depend on the chosen tool and the amount of monthly signatures, there are offers of 9 €. Count 20/30 € per month for unlimited use.

Our feedback

As I wrote above, we implemented the electronic signature at the end of 2020. An electronic signature has allowed us to be much more productive, save time and increase customer satisfaction.

Initially, we used it only for contracts, we extended its use to all documents that regulate our training services (application, certificate, contract, agreement, etc.). We are extremely pleased!

In conclusion, the electronic signature is a productivity tool that can be adapted to any size of company in which you work. It is at the same time a tool that will save you time and gain credibility with your customers.

And you, do you use an electronic signature?

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