Digital advertising for on-line shops

The rise of e-commerce is an unstoppable phenomenon, especially in the last two years, where sales have exploded by up to + 80% thanks to consumer habits developed during the health crisis.

Every day, new customers shop online, and those who have already done so add new online stores to their list of trusted companies.

Given this observation, it may seem strange that online stores still need support in terms of Digital marketing. But the topic is still broad and often a lot of resources need to be developed or researched improve performance. Let’s not forget at the same time that the competition is getting stronger and that e-commerce players are also changing. Therefore, we must learn to stand out, to show ourselves and to appear in the middle infobesity growing.

How online companies use digital marketing

Digital marketing today is a key lever to be answered performance targets online, especially in the context of creating an e-commerce website. Let’s look at some points to work on optimization and improve your online business.

1. Create and develop an attractive brand

From the moment the company decides to enter e-commerce market, its goals must be focused on several points such as its visibility, the traffic to be achieved, its image and its notoriety. In addition, the relationship with customers, such as sales development, must be taken into account. A company present on the web must be able to summarize its essential information and its strengths in order to attract and capture its customers.

Agencies specializing in Digital marketingwho support companies in their process of creating a digital brand, are there to make it possible for themachieve results. Their functions at this stage are related to the creation of an attractive logo, an accessible web domain that complies with the standards imposed by search engines such as Google. You have to consider performance and quality, and thus design websites that offer relevant information about the products and services offered by companies. It is also necessary work on content meeting consumer expectations and needs.

Many digital marketing providers also offer payment gateway design, order management, delivery and return services. This means that they will be able to improve this information by making it available to users. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the designers of e-commerce sites and / or agencies that manage a set of levers related to e-commerce.

2. Get visibility

Today, it is not enough to exist on the Internet, you must be noticed. Digital marketing strategies Today the most popular are focused on positioning corporate websites. They are mostly looking first google position on their keywords toget traffic and visibility. We are talking about SEO or natural reference and production content that will appear on search engines.

Another way to get better referencing and therefore better visibility of your website, is to resort to techniques netlinking or linkbuilding, i.e. create connections with other related websites. We are mostly talking about replacement or purchase feedback to gain popularity. To this end, specialized platforms often give space to articles that talk about the qualities of products whose link is naturally inserted into the text.

Here is an example: Watches never go out of fashion, especially in elegant occasions. If you are thinking of buying a new watch for an event, look for special luxury goods such as Rolex Datejust models.

All these techniques are an integral part SEO strategies or website optimization in SEO.

3. Keep your marketing strategies up to date

All of the above investments are useless if marketing techniques and the company’s website is not updated regularly, due to the emergence of new procedures. The advertising on social networks is an example. This lever became quite common a few years ago, with advertising Facebook separately and then via Instagram.

e-commerce digital marketing

Companies that use advertising on social networks, must follow modern social networks, as is now the case for TikTok. Google ads, or Google Ads, have also proven their effectiveness in digital marketing. Companies should not neglect them in order to get to know and sell better.

Likewise, an affordable website with fresh images is key to the success of an online e-commerce store.

While all of this introduction may seem like an additional source of work for the company, the reality is that, as we said, today there are platforms specializing in web design and digital marketing that do all that work for the company in a personalized way. .

2 other digital marketing levers used by companies

Once a company has made a name for itself and is exposed to the constant acquisition of new customers, another challenge it faces is to ensure that its existing customers continue to shop at its online stores, a matter that is more complicated than a physical store.

For that, digital marketing also offers solutions, which we will analyze below:

1. Local SEO

Today, many digital marketing agencies specialize in SEO in particular local SEO, to position companies in your locality or region. A relevant way to gain visibility in your sector according to your field of activity.

Agencies positioned in the same fields as companies generally have a deeper knowledge of clients ’goals and needs. Thanks to their knowledge of Fr. basics of SEO i SEO tools dedicated, I can optimize the visibility of their customers in a particular sector and area, when competition is better curbed.

Local SEO

In this way, customers will have a real sense of consuming locally and using service providers and businesses in their region. They will give them an advantage over non-geolocated companies. This way, the company is able to better retain its customers as well develop a local clientele.

2. Offers and means of loyalty

This strategy is one of the most traditional in the field of digital marketing. It always gives very good results. The online store must be carefully considered clientele loyaltybecause it is important to reward repeat purchases and provide benefits to your subscribers or regular customers.

These can be loyalty cards, promotional coupons, discount offers, refunds, invitations to private sales, exclusive product tests, etc.

3. Customer reviews

Customer reviews they remain one of the most important levers for e-commerce websites as they provide a basis for thinking in customers ’purchasing decisions. Information on delivery times, quality of delivered products, exchanges with customer support or offered services such as refunds, various support, etc. are ways to help customers trust you and confirm their purchases on your ecommerce website.

e-commerce digital marketing

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