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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to drive the growth of online commerce, e-consumers are becoming more demanding in terms of ethics and quality of delivery service. Focus on the criteria that e-commerce players expect in terms of delivery!

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During 2020, 2 billion internet transactions with 200,000 e-traders in the amount of more than 100 billion euros were performed in France

. These dizzying figures, published by FEVAD (Federation of E-Commerce and Distance Sales), testify to the growing enthusiasm of the French for online commerce. However, internet users remain very cautious in this regarddelivery services . Indeed, delays in delivery can seriously damage an e-merchant’s reputation. That’s why it is quality of delivery service

remains a great challenge!

Accuracy, a key factor in the user experience Online shoppers regularly testify about their shopping experiences on social media. Their comments are mostly about customer satisfaction anddelivery speed


After the unfortunate experience, negative comments from cyber buyers spread on the Internet. This word-of-mouth effect on time delivery, for example, is catastrophic. Logistic delays inevitably lead to customers fleeing into competition.

Different delivery methods: offer additional services

During standard delivery, online shoppers receive their goods in an average of three days. However, delivery times may vary depending on the options chosen by customers, such as:

? order processing and longer delivery time if online purchase is paid later or by bank check

? delivery at reduced costs to relay points geographically distant from home

? free delivery to “click and collect” outlets. ? a increased dynamics of home delivery

via the same day delivery service with an efficient logistics partner The purpose of this last delivery option is to avoid leaving the basket (checkout) by internet users disappointed with the inaccuracy of delivery. Indeed, nothing is more pleasant than that receive your purchases the same day from the order thanks a fast and optimized delivery service


Adopt custom delivery solutions for your e-commerce For the betterrespect the environment it is better to organize a custom delivery service

with different means of transport. Vehicles are used according to each sector concerned and the quantity of goods to be delivered. This eco-responsible attitude

can refer to: ? delivery by cargo bicycle, scooter, car or van for a delivery on request of all yoursfresh produce yours brittle products or yours bulky products

from your warehouse to the destination of your choice ? the delivery within an hour with premium service for

pharmaceutical products? yes organization of regular tours

to deliver your local products, your gourmet products, your fragile products or your luxury products to all destinations in France Logistics companies such as Shippr now exist and provide access to tailor-made services. This young and dynamic company is implementing a delivery strategy that reflects your online store. Using more than 500 qualified professional carriers

and with a support team available 7 days a week to monitor the smooth running of each delivery, Shippr respects deliveries on time.

With an intuitive, easy-to-access platform, you can order your own future deliveries. To do this, simply specify the pick-up address and place of delivery, as well as the quantities to be translated. The algorithm is responsible for indicating the appropriate rate. In the same way, you and your recipients can track your delivery in real time. Everything happens online, just like invoices that you can even edit. By referring to aqualified logistics provider you will surely organize your own express deliveries and yours delivery rounds

in record time! And in this way guarantee an optimal user experience. Enough to keep them from the beginning to the end of the purchase process, without the need to manage logistics.



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