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August 16, 2021

On September 14, Isarta offers you a new training course called “Building an e-commerce strategy – accelerating your online sales”. We discuss the main topics of this topic with her trainer, Augustine Delporte, an expert in web marketing techniques and certified Google Analytics and Google Ads.

We often hear that the pandemic has greatly accelerated the efforts of companies in online migration. Where are we in e-commerce?

Augustin Delporte : Really, we saw it well on our scale. Many entrepreneurs or traders with a few employees made a living from their shops or sold their products in the markets. And, overnight, these people found themselves with nothing and had to set up an online store quickly.

They improvised as e-merchants without much idea about this topic, despite their digital knowledge and personal online presence. This new training is intended for them and all people who are alone or isolated in their company and have to solve these problems. Either you are a beginner or you just need to convince and guide them to have a 360 ° vision of everything that can be done in this area.

Choice of platform, traffic source, conversion, loyalty, customer path analysis … The topics covered are really very broad!

AD : Yes, a training day would be a must in itself for every point covered! But the idea is precisely to provide an overview of the main basics of e-commerce and to give participants the greatest inspiration and value in terms of practical and strategic advice.

Personally, I specialize in Google products such as Google Ads or Google Analytics. But we go much further, talking about SEO, newsletter, social networks, conversion strategy … The goal is to really share a global vision so that participants are aware of the most important actions and have a diverse strategy. It is never good to have just one marketing channel. Diversity is key.

What are the common mistakes when you want to start your own online store?

AD : There are several. We can think, for example, about rushing and not taking the time to reconsider the choice of your platform. We see people who have to repeat everything six months after launching their site because it doesn’t work.

Personally, I am a big fan of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. That is, to assume that in the beginning we do not have something perfect but functional and that allows us to meet the needs of customers.

There is also the whole question of how to generate interest on the internet. When you have a shop window, people come to the store naturally. But online, consumers do not necessarily come alone. Very often, entrepreneurs do not realize this. And there are platforms that are more focused on retailer thinking than customer needs.

So to say?

AD : Actually, you have to see two things. On the one hand, people do not realize that they have a gold mine in their hands with human touch that they have acquired if they have physical activity. They do not make enough use of this proximity on the Internet.

On the other hand, the codes are not the same online. It is necessary to point out his characteristic marketing arguments from the competition (Unique sales offer in English). Most will not even think about creating a special offer for the web. I also mean product pages that aren’t detailed enough because they’re not used to giving so much information. This is what will convince customers and help them make a decision.

There’s nothing worse than a product page where you don’t have the information you need. I take my example: I asked for a dog bag to take a plane. So I had to know the size and weight of the bag to make sure it fit the airline’s specifications. Online suppliers do not transmit this information: it is a lost sale for them. It’s stupid because it’s played out in detail.

Consumer habits are really very different online…

AD : The Internet user is spoiled by choice. There is no human connection, so internet users are more unstable. But, I repeat, the whole question is to know how to use his past existence in physics.

I am thinking in particular of the newsletter, which becomes necessary today when you are online. We are faced with a captive audience, which has already been converted and which can still buy. Even who can bring other customers.

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