Multimedia Donald Trump’s social community accused of censoring subscribers

(ETX Daily Up) – The irony is complete. Donade Trump’s social network, Truth Social, argues that the space for freedom of expression is far from any political discrimination. Still, some of its users have complained on Twitter that they have been banned from talking about congressional hearings about the riots at the Capitol. An event for which many Americans hold former President Donald Trump responsible.

Dissatisfied users shared their anger on Twitter. “My account on the social networks of Truth has just been permanently suspended due to the speech about the commission’s hearings on January 6,” Travis Allen, an information security analyst, said on his account. Twitter.

On the social network that banned Donald Trump in 2021, after his statements about the alleged theft of the American presidential election, the irony is huge. Several users also shared their problems they encountered on the platform. I was suspended from Truth Social for announcing the hearing on January 6 last night. “Donald Trump is afraid of freedom of speech,” one wrote user on Twitter, “I just made my first post on Truth Social and they downloaded it. Real champions of free speech there,” she posted others.

Donald Trump’s social media accounts have been blocked following his statements questioning Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. The Capitol was then attacked by supporters of the ousted president, causing many injuries and five deaths. Hearings to shed light on this violence at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, began in Washington after a year of investigation. Donald Trump is widely involved.

On Twitter, a discussion erupted with users now facing the challenge of registering on Donald Trump’s social network to see how long their account will last before it closes. “Look at what I just posted on Truth Social … waiting to be banned. # January6thCommitteeHearings,” one tweeted. read. “I have officially joined the Truth Society to see how long it takes them to ban me because the Conservatives are hypocritical losers. I will let you know.” (here) or “I’m going on a quick task to deny me access to Truth Social by simply posting ‘January 6’ (the).

Although Truth Social has not confirmed these allegations, Donald Trump’s social media rules state that the platform reserves the right to block “anyone for any reason or no reason” and remove “any content or information you post at any time, without warning, according to at its own discretion. ” Donald Trump, however, sued Twitter for suspending his account in violation of the First Amendment on Freedom of Expression, following the riots at the Capitol.

At this time, Truth Social is only available from the United States. While it had more than 88 million subscribers, Donald Trump has 3.2 million on his social network.

Sabrina Alili

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