“Product availability has turn into much more tense”, Advertising and marketing and Gross sales

Emmanuel Grasland

Specializing in the production and distribution of couplings and fasteners for bodybuilders and manufacturers, the Pommier Group faces all supply difficulties. ETI also sees that the expectations of individual employees are changing.

apple tree experiencing a “Kiss Cool Effect” lack of chips. Specializing in the production and distribution of couplings and fasteners for bodybuilders and manufacturers such as Iveco or Renault Trucks, the group did not think it was on the front line. “But when the bodybuilder cannot deliver the vehicles, due to the lack of GPS, he delays his production, and thus his orders. “When the electronic card for the machine arrives after four months instead of two days, we have to work hard to continue production,” he says. Jean-Patrick SauvyExecutive Director ETI of 300 employees.

In general, “the availability of products and materials has become even more difficult since the summer.” It even has a financial impact. “ Many companies have problems with the flow of money because they cannot invoice their production when they have used up material and time / people “, warns the manager, who saw that the partners are late with the payment. These supply tensions have forced the company to cooperate European suppliers, not their Asian competitors.

Material prices are not the subject. “There is no talk of prices. They are increasing, we are paying and transferring the bill because we cannot absorb it in our margin, ”says Jean-Patrick Sauvy. ETI is in its own third increase this year. This is the second time this has happened in 20 years.

More versatile young people

The last challenge is employment. “A generation of millennials is looking for meaning. It’s more demanding and versatile, ”says Jean-Patrick Sauvy. A young person who arrives at the work program can leave after a week if he does not like it.

“Kovid also made employees ask themselves what they want to do with their lives. And to cite the example of a fifty-year-old logistician who left Pommier to become a landscape painter in Creuse.

However, the manager believes that he has only “good problems”. “During the first closure, everything around us collapsed. Everyone was trying to save their skin and the relations between the companies became very strained. »

Today, the order book is full. The group, which has four factories in Europe, will return to turnover in 2019, of 80 million euros, after falling by 20% in 2020.

Apple Tree Group

Activity : production and distribution of accessories for body and truck manufacturers
Turnover in 2021 : 80 million euros expected
Effective : 300 employees
Headquarters : Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone (Val-d’Oise)

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