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Web writing is one of the professions that make up the SEO ecosystem. Content creation is the center of attention! Even if generating methods like happy spinning or artificial intelligences are more or less proven in certain areas of application, writers continue to practice their craft. To find customers, their main competitors may not be Jarvis or OpenAI, but their competitors and their own shortcomings in business portfolio development. In this article, you will find ways to grow your business or simply a few grams of motivation to update the actions you have taken so far.

Showcases and basic tools

Just like a business card you can share at an online dinner, you need to have an online storefront. It takes the form of a website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Instagram account. The choice of media for your customer acquisition strategy varies depending on the goals you are targeting. Certain industries or customer profiles may respond better to Instagram, while others will swear by LinkedIn. There are no precise rules and adapting to your clientele is an important first step. Have you been trained to create a personality? It’s a good time to show what you can do!

Web editor and client connection services

Facilitating commercial relationship tools, connectivity services come in several forms:

  • writing platforms,
  • network platforms,
  • free directories,
  • directories of services dedicated to professionals,
  • a platform for selling already written content,
  • etc.

Malt quickly became a reference platform for connecting freelancers and clients. It offers a 10% commission to service providers for the first 3 months of the award. This commission is then increased to 5% of the invoice issued.

Although these platforms have been the target of criticism for their role as intermediaries between vendors and customers, they still provide interesting services for Web editors. It is truly a platform that manages administrative relations and payment reminders, in addition to commission. The latter may be supplemented by insurance costs to cover benefits, if necessary. Considering that the business contribution generally ranges from 5 to 15% (depending on your negotiations), going through a platform that would allow you to save time in research is probably a good idea. However, it should not be forgotten that it is not recommended to contract editorial tasks exclusively through the platform and for all its traffic. In that case, you run the risk of being put in a situation of abuse of economic dependence (L. 420-2 of the Commercial Code).

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