Turn out to be an e-commerce supervisor: coaching, alternatives, wage …

Do you hesitate between marketing, commerce, IT and communication? The job of an e-commerce manager will make your choice easier. In charge of increasing the company’s online sales and traffic, an e-commerce manager really needs to combine sales techniques, web development and digital communication to succeed in his mission.

An e-commerce manager has dual skills in marketing and new technologies. In charge of increasing the online sales, ie mobile (m-commerce) of his company, the e-commerce manager must know all the existing marketing levers, in order to increase the turnover of his company, taking into account its second distribution of channels. Send an email, partnerships, community management, referencing… The e-commerce manager uses all marketing and communication tools to build customer loyalty and transform new ones. Responsible for web budgeting, he chooses the levers he will set up to generate traffic to his e-commerce website and turn these visits into traffic. An important player in the success of a trading site, an e-commerce manager is truly a guarantor of a company’s reputation and visibility on the Internet.

Once he has defined and implemented his marketing strategy, the e-commerce manager also takes into account the impact by analyzing the impact of the chosen strategy. He must have a vision of return on investment in his profession and be able to react quickly to the observed results. To carry out his missions, the e-commerce manager works specifically in collaboration with his company’s sales and communications department. It also works with the legal department to ensure the purchase of Internet users and protect their personal information.

The main skills and qualities to be possessed

The e-commerce manager must be multi-tasking:

  • know how to set a marketing strategy;
  • have budget management skills;
  • have a perfect knowledge of the Internet and its use;
  • know marketing techniques and levers;
  • master tools and techniques SEO (SEO, SEA, affiliation, sending e-mail …)
  • mastering social networks;
  • know how to use tools to measure and monitor the audience;
  • have managerial skills;
  • know how to adjust to the goal;
  • be a good communicator;
  • actively follow new trends or competitors;
  • have analytical and synthetic abilities;
  • knowledge of business and technical English;
  • have in-depth legal knowledge of data processing and freedoms.

Working conditions

The e-commerce manager has an office job, within the company or on behalf of the client. He has a position with strong responsibilities and must know how to resist stress and pressure. He generally does not count his hours and must constantly report to his superiors on the results of his strategy in terms of turnover and sales growth.

How to become an e-commerce manager?

E-commerce managers have a + 5 degree in marketing, IT or commerce:

  • Master’s degree in economic and social administration, e-commerce course;
  • Master’s degree in administration and international trade, e-commerce;
  • Specialized master in digital management, business development option;
  • Specialized Master of Marketing Management and Digital (MMD);
  • Master of Marketing and Business Strategies;
  • Business schools, engineering schools …

Salary of e-commerce managers

Depending on his company and place of business, the salary of an e-commerce manager will vary. On average, a novice e-commerce manager will receive a salary between 2,900 and 3,500 euros gross per month. After many years of experience, his earnings can reach 3,750 to 4,500 euros gross per month. At the end of your career, it is possible to find professional profiles that earn from 5,000 to 6,500 euros gross per month, with a variable.

Prospects for an e-commerce manager

An e-commerce manager can be promoted to the position of commercial director, marketing director, digital director or e-commerce director.

Companies that hire e-commerce managers

  • Large companies;
  • communication or marketing agency;
  • e-commerce site;

He explained my job to my mother

Mom, my job is to bring people to my company’s website or app so that, after a visit, they can make a purchase. So not only do I have to increase sales, but I also have to put myself in the place of internet users and adapt to their spending needs and their behavior on the web. The retailer’s app or page must make him stay, come back, and above all, buy. I also take care of communicating on the web, either on social media or by sending emails. In short, I am a salesperson, marketing manager and communications manager. A real master for everything, so click on the “add to cart” button!

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