UFC-Que Choisir information lawsuit towards Again Marketplace for “misleading business follow”

On Wednesday, June 15, the UFC-Que Choisir consumer association will file a lawsuit against start-up Back Market, which specializes in the resale of refurbished electronic facilities, accusing it of “Many violations of consumer law”.

A lawsuit for “deceptive commercial practices” must be filed in a Paris court, the UFC-Que Choisir explains. “If the circular economy must be encouraged, it must continue to respect fundamental consumer rights.” cancel the association.

The UFC decided to file a complaint after repeatedly contacting the Back Market to encourage leaders to change their practice. “It is absolutely systematic. There are never any surprises when we file a complaint, we always talk to the company beforehand. ” specifies Raphaël Bartlomé, head of the UFC-Que Choisir legal department.

Fake promotions

Back Market was first accused of leading customers to believe they were getting a good deal by highlighting the selling price of a refurbished product next to the price of a new product, when this one is not sold on the site. “This is the bias of the hook that leads the consumer to believe that the price of second-hand goods has been reduced. That is not the case, it is a reduction compared to the new ones, so the comparison is meaningless. It is normal that a used product costs less than a new one. ” continues Raphaël Bartlomé.

UFC-Que Choisir also condemns “service charge” systematically invoiced to consumers, up to € 5.99, which do not appear “Only in the payment phase”.

Warranty Lies

In addition, Back Market proposes to precisely quantify “electronic mess” saved by buying products on their site instead of a new one. This usually gives a value in grams. “In reality, this calculation is an estimate made with a wet finger,” pity Rafael Bartlomé.

finally, “Back Market offers consumers a twelve-month contractual guarantee, suggesting a significant advantage offered by the company,” when in reality “This guarantee is prescribed by law, but above all lasts for twenty-four months, including for refurbished products.”.

The Consumer Protection Association specifies that it is “Europe’s first complaint by consumer association against renewed giant”, even if it has already been singled out by other associations, such as the VZBV in Germany.

“Clean eyes”

UFC-Que Choisir President Alain Bazot explains that it is an association “He wants the ‘redesigned unicorn’ to continue to bring brilliance to the lives of consumers without his communication being a shop window decoration.”.

Start-up Back Market, created in 2014, has established itself since its inception as a core market for refurbished electronics. A booming sector, driven by environmental discourse that advocates reducing the impact of electronic products on the environment.

Renovated, an idea under discussion

However, the notion of a refurbished product is discussed. The law simply refers to a used product whose previous data has been deleted. No need to even change the battery. “It is much less rigorous than what the consumer imagines. This term simply reveals the marketing need to find a more attractive term than “opportunity”, which has a negative connotation. explains Raphaël Bartlomé.

Last January, however, Back Market announced that it had raised 450 million euros. A round of financing that then, with a capitalization of 5.1 billion euros, brought him to the podium of French unicorns. At that time, it had more than 650 employees and planned to employ 400 in 2022.

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