Valtech takes over Absolunet Isarta Information

January 24, 2022

Valtech, a world leader in digital services and digital transformation, announces the takeover of Absolunet, a North American professional services company specializing in e-commerce, based in the Montreal area.

Valtech is thus integrating Absolunet’s 300 experts into its growing team, which now includes more than 4,500 innovators, designers, marketers, creatives and developers spread across five continents with more than 50 offices in 18 countries.

This acquisition strengthens Valtech’s position as a major player in the field of e-commerce, which has been recognized by the largest analyst firms.

The takeover of Absolunet could not have come at a better time. More than 300 individuals very join the Valtech family at a time when the demand for e-commerce and integrated digital experiences continues to grow, ”said Damien Lefebvre, Executive Vice President for North America at Valtech. “Valtech’s customers will benefit from additional expertise as we continue to offer a range of digital services to the world’s leading brands. »

Founded in 1999, Absolunet’s award-winning e-commerce expertise has helped brands such as Structube, SAQ, BMR, Sail, as well as hundreds of retailers, distributors and manufacturers bridge the gap in e-commerce. In addition, Absolunet was the first technology company in Quebec to receive government certification to establish and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The integration of Absolunet into Valtech is a great decision that offers an incredible opportunity to continue our growth and become a world leader in e-commerce, ”adds Charles Desjardins, CEO of Absolunet. “Valtech, as a global agency, gives us access to offices around the world, invaluable knowledge, an extremely diverse talent base and the opportunity to work with highly renowned international brands and organizations. Over many years of growth, we have always given priority to our people, our corporate culture and the creation of an unparalleled work environment. The more we got to know Valtech, the more we felt like we were reuniting with a member of our family whom we had been losing sight of for too long. The complementarity of technologies, practices, values ​​and skills is phenomenal. »

Diverse clientele

Absolunet’s well-established clientele has been added to Valtech’s client list, including L’Oréal, Volkswagen, Heineken, Nespresso, Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) and many others, working in a number of sectors such as consumer, automotive, food and beverage, retail and production, among many others. These customers will now be serving under the Valtech brand.

By integrating Absolunet, Valtech strengthens its knowledge and experience on several major trading platforms in the market, including Adobe, Salesforce, commercetools, Optimizely, SAP and VTEX. In addition, Valtech has deep skills in a range of reputable platform vendors that enable companies to develop all of their digital solutions including digital marketing, personalization and data analysis.

In addition to the 300 Absolunet employees joining Valtech, other jobs will be available, both in Montreal and abroad, including front end and back end developers, user interface and more.

Valtech offers a corporate culture based on diversity and international exchange, thanks to numerous offices around the world.

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