▷ How one can be taught website positioning?

the SEO Where Search engine optimization is central to how Google works. In order to be able to reference hundreds, even thousands of pages online, Google relies on SEO. With this in mind, the only way to increase website visibility and position it on strategic keywords is to follow techniques SEO referencing Where natural reference. But how learn SEO? Where to start when you start a web business?

Follow SEO training thanks to his CPF

Did you know that you have a budget to attend training every year? This can be through your Personal Training Account (CPF) or through your OPCO if you are self-employed or through Pôle Emploi if you are looking for a job.

Webmarketing & co’m offers several training courses for referencing / SEO to learn how to improve your search engine visibility:

Module “Basics of SEO” for two days . This module is integrated into a course that certifies “Developing your activity through web marketing”.

Or even Training “Write to improve your SEO on Google”. it is offered in virtual classes for one day.

These trainings will allow you to be acquainted with the latest techniques to find yourself on the first pages of search results (serp for friends). You will learn how to determine the right queries, the ones that bring you qualified traffic. But also to optimize all technical aspects of your site: indexing, internal linking, loading time … And to track your results through Google Analytics,

Read SEO books

Contrary to popular belief, web jobs learns well with books. Of course, now that we are in the digital age, we will no longer have to get an old book about it natural reference in the library. You can easily download and buy books online or e-books.

Moreover, the best way tolearn SEOand improve the positioning of your site and continue to learn through books. To do this, you only need to research Google, groups or well-known sales sites like Amazon. Reading gives more precision in context and concept Search engine optimizationfor all levels: beginner, intermediate and professional.

These quoted SEO books available on Amazon are a good start:

Pay enough attention to the choice of books. As technology evolves at a rapid pace in parallel withgoogle algorithm if possible we will opt for newer books.

To learn SEO and its basics, you do not have to spend a fortune, you can get good books at affordable prices, especially from sellers for 5 euros. Still, for improve your SEO locations and deepening knowledge on the issue, more consistent investment would be a good idea.

Watch online training videos

The fact is that the images and videos are more attractive and make it easier to learn new things. For this reason, teachers use more video and audio media to convey lessons to their students. The same concept also applies to the world of web and SEO. L ‘SEO learning is much easier with online video training.

Some videos for learning about SEO are free while others are paid. You just need to find the right videos to watch and buy to learn how to generate traffic on Google.

For example, you can get good videos on SEO from 10.99 on Udemy, I, as an SEO consultant, posted a video training on SEO on this platform.

Consultations with well-known video sharing platforms such as YouTube will also provide a good introduction to search engine optimization techniques.

Follow well-referenced blogs and pages

In addition to information in e-books and online video training, SEO can also be learned by following blogs and well-referenced siteswhich speak of natural referencing. These pages offer interesting SEO summaries to allow you to quickly gain the right basics.

Of course, you can’t become an experienced web SEO overnight. However, by frequently visiting sites that regularly offer good articles aboutgoogle algorithmwork and good SEO techniques, we can find out more. The webrankinfo site is a good example to learn how to reference your website.

And to go further, every time a new article is published on the blog we can be informed by subscribing to the newsletter of these well-referenced sites. You can also be notified directly from your social media accounts.

Feel free to follow a few blogs that interest you to build good learning resources natural reference .

Join online SEO groups

The best way to learn SEO and its basics in the long run is to join SEO groups on line. Well organized, these groups represent true centers of exchange for all stakeholders and entitiesthe world of SEO and content optimization on Google. We find several of them on influential social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

And to improve your level of knowledge about natural referencing, registration on sites SEO professionals as well as Viadéo, Lindekin is recommended. These well-referenced siteshave a powerful professional network that will quickly bring you in touch with coaches and SEO professionals.

Use SEO MOOC training

While there are many other ways to learn SEO, you can start from scratch and take SEO MOOC. Available from online platforms, these courses are generally chargeable, but are suitable for all levels. Of course, you can’t learn everything in one workout, you’ll have to be more patient and really interested in how search engine optimization works.

In addition, at the end of the complete training, someone will be able to request a diploma or certificate which can then be used to advance their career in web jobs.

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