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Market benefits for e-merchants

Markets are platforms that connect buyers and sellers, they have a real commercial intermediary role. Thanks to these markets, e-retailers have the opportunity to increase the visibility of their products and develop sales to new customers.

If you are an e-retailer, you can already sell your products in international markets such as Amazon or Ebay, but there is a French and a cheaper alternative in the market. Discover Amplify Ecommerce, launched by WiziShop, the ideal solution to increase sales in French markets and take advantage of competitive advantage.

Discover the UnCadeau.com Amplify Ecommerce marketplace

Enhance e-commerce: the “French touch” in the spotlight

Amplify Ecommerce is the leading market network with 100% French themes, with more than 10 million recorded visits already.

The 10 network markets are as follows:

  • UnCadeau.com: Gift ideas,
  • BuyMoi.com: special search engine for shopping,
  • MaBoxCadeau.com: boxes and gift boxes with multiple themes
  • Une Outfit.com: fashion products for men, women and children,
  • PourBebe.com: a universe dedicated to caring for children and parents,
  • PourMonSport.com: sports equipment and accessories,
  • JeVeuxdesBijoux.com: watches and jewelery for young and old,
  • PourlaMaison.com: furniture and accessories for home and garden,
  • Archigourmet.com: gourmet boxes and bottles of wine,
  • MonCadeauSexy.com: naughty boxes and lingerie.

Discover the UnCadeau.com marketplace

Two examples of the Amplify Ecommerce market.

How to sell in Amplify Ecommerce markets?

1. Launch the WiziShop e-commerce website

Amplify Ecommerce is reserved for those who have an e-commerce site on WiziShop. This e-commerce solution offers A to Z support to e-merchants: from configuring their site to developing their sales. You can try WiziShop for free for 15 days. This service is also available to e-merchants who perform dropshipping via Dropizija.

2. Sign up for Amplify Ecommerce

Once you own a store at WiziShop or Dropizia, you need to sign up for Amplify Ecommerce. WiziShop wants to offer market visitors the best products. Therefore, several factors will be studied: the potential of the store and the attractiveness of each of your products. If your site qualifies, WiziShop will select products with high potential and adapted to different markets.

3. Select products to be listed in the markets

WiziShop makes your job easier by choosing products in your store that have the greatest potential for different markets. You still have control over the display of your products. If you want to withdraw a particular product, you can do so at any time.

Big advantage: customers belong to e-merchants

The advantage of Amplify Ecommerce is around customer orders. If the sale is made at one of the Amplify markets, the customer buys the product directly from the e-merchant using only the payment methods offered by the site, and without leaving the platform. The customer therefore does not belong to the market, but to the e-commerce website that sells the product.

Another practical thing: e-merchants do not have to connect to the platform to see the products sold. Sales made on the Amplify network arrive directly in the administrative part of their store.

Network of markets available without paid subscription

One of the advantages of Amplify Ecommerce is that this network works without a paid subscription. Unlike markets like Amazon or eBay, there is no entry price or subscription system.

Amplify Ecommerce is betting on win-win logic with a commission on sales: ranging from 9.5% to 15%, in exchange for increased visibility of your best products. Thanks to Amplify Ecommerce, you will be able to develop your sales without taking financial risks.

See product examples at UnCadeau.com

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