Android: Listed here are contaminated apps you should not set up in your smartphone

News hardware Android: Here are infected apps you shouldn’t install on your smartphone

In his report on threats to mobile devices in June, security expert Dr.Web pointed out more than ten dangerous applications that are best removed from your device if you have them on your device.

Despite the big cleanup Google has done in the Play Store in recent months, it seems thatAndroid is still a mobile platform rich in malware. Dr.Web Security Editor has just announced his report regarding virus activity on mobile devices in May: it seems that many Trojans (Trojans) are not only very active, but hide in applications that are always available in the official Google Apps Market.

Adware and theft of personal data in the sky

The list of current malware is quite significant. We especially find the Trojan horse Android.HiddenAdswhich constantly broadcasts advertisements on the screen of the device, Android.Subscription who registers a user to pay for mobile services without his knowledge or Android.PWS.Facebookwhich targets social network users to steal their password. Android.Spy.4498 is, meanwhile, a Trojan that recovers personal data related to applications installed on a smartphone.

Some of these threats have seen a drop in activity in recent months, after climbing very high. But others are on the rise. Spam is especially on the rise.

Toxic applications, available to everyone

In many cases, malware-infected applications are distributed outside the Play Store, in the form ofAPK file which users place on a third-party platform. This can be explained in different ways: e.g. desire not to pay for a paid application, to access content in a workaround, or a suggestion that is often too good to be true. For example, an application Only Fans OnlyFans Android app proposes to provide free access to OnlyFans accounts that are otherwise paid. This app actually hides the Android.FakeApp.951 trojan and gives you access to nothing but trouble.

Android: Here are infected apps you shouldn't install on your smartphone

However, some applications are contaminated with viruses they are still present in the Google Play Store catalog. We assume that after such discoveries this will not be the case for a long time, but Dr.Web warns of the following applications:

  • Background of wild and exotic animals
  • Magnifier Lamp
  • PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor
  • PIP camera 2022
  • Camera Photo Editor
  • Light Exposure Photo Editor
  • ZodiHoroscope – Fortune Finder
  • Recovery
  • Driving a Real Race

These are not well-known applications, but by looking for free alternatives to paid services, especially on the photography side, it is possible to come across these among the suggestions.

Dr.Web recommends installing mobile antivirus to avoid falling into the trap of infected applications. But this is not necessarily necessary: it is important to use common sense and not to believe all the nice promises that applications completely unknown to the battalion can make.

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