deadmau5 is teaming up with fintech to make banking extra enticing

Well-known artist and producer of electronic music deadmau5 has just signed a partnership with fintech Zytaraan alliance where entertainment and digital finance come together to create a unique marketing campaign.

deadmau5 is one of the world’s most famous electronic music producers. The artist, who has 15 million followers on his social media accounts, has already released seven very successful albums.

He recently partnered with a fintech company, probably with the goal of making banking more attractive. This is the only project of its kind that could give new impetus to the banking sector. Thanks to this agreement, Zytara will be able to reach a wider audience. For his part, Joel Zimmerman, alias deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse) will have the opportunity to present the fintech app to his fans.

What are the benefits for deadmau5 fans?

Zytara will offer deadmau5 fans physical and virtual debit cards designed by the artist. These cards can be used by over 45 million merchants worldwide. In addition, through a fintech app created in collaboration with deadmau5, fans can connect with the manufacturer’s online stores, purchase their products, concert tickets and gaming items.

A subsidiary of Zytara, Zytara Labs is an NFT production studio dedicated to artists, actors, players and sports teams. Fintech is also partnering with other brands (e.g. sports teams) to provide fans with customized user experiences, all through Zytar’s digital banking.

According to Zytar, “banking marketing experiences can benefit celebrities, brands and influential people who want to build stronger connections with their audiences.”

The alliance between music and technology

deadmau5 is an expert in games with fans around the world. “I’m always looking for ways to use technology to change experiences. So I was very excited when Zytara contacted me. No other company offers this simple form of banking, which allows holding and transactions in crypto, NFT, stable and fiat currencies. As a music player and artist who loves technology, Zytara has given me a world for virtual life that is really easy to use. ”

Al Burgio, founder and CEO of Zytara, said: “deadmau5 is a pioneer in the creative use of innovative new technologies. That is why we see this relationship as much more than a classic partnership. After working with deadmau5 to develop Zytara’s interactive banking application, we welcome him to the company’s advisory board to help us advance our creative direction in the future. ”

Crypto is already sexy. But what about banking? We’ll find out the answer soon.


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