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While contactless payment has become the means of payment most used by the French, professionals have an obligation to modernize in this area. Electronic payment terminals are a practical and fast solution for redeeming customers.

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What is TPE?

An electronic payment terminal or TPE is a device for accepting payments by bank card. For professionals, this solution is essential to dematerialize the collection of their customers. This tool is the fastest and most efficient way to securely pay digitally. It consists of a case, a screen showing the price, a keyboard, a bank card insert slot and an NFC reader for contactless payment. The operation of these terminals in France is regulated by a set of strict rules, with a certificate of conformity issued by the GIE bank card service. Some boxes contain readers that can read magnetic cards as well as smart cards. There are several models of payment terminals, including a mobile payment terminal and a portable TPE that can be used to perform fast transactions within a mobile activity.

What are the benefits of this technology?

TPE is especially useful for any commercial activity because such a terminal allows payment without the need to handle cash for it. Due to the specifications in force, it is also a completely secure means of payment, which is likely to convince customers. In the case of people who only want or can only pay by credit card, it is necessary to have a TPE available to perform the collection. With a payment terminal that favors instant payments, merchants and professionals in all sectors no longer have to face the risk of counterfeit money or bad checks. It is also a way to reduce outstanding payments. With the current recording of transactions, professionals then save valuable time: there is no need to go and deposit money in the bank. This solution is very popular for customers: it enables very practical contactless payment, and especially payment in installments.

Why is a supplement necessary for professionals?

In addition to the payment terminal, professionals have all the payment solutions to simplify their billing operations. Fixed TPE, with power cable and Ethernet cable, can be used for over-the-counter payments. Equipped with a printer, this system is widely used in stores and at supermarket checkouts. The terminal can be connected to the cash register elsewhere. The portable TPE allows the customer to be cashed anywhere in the store, just like in a restaurant. This plugin has a fixed base to which the box is connected via Wi-Fi. An invoice can also be issued. Finally, a mobile TPE, such as Up2pay Mobile, allows transactions to be finalized anywhere thanks to the integrated battery.

In order to offer your customers the best shopping experience, it is necessary to be able to offer affordable, fast and 100% secure payment. The different types of TPE currently available, especially through solutions set up by banks, are all options that need to be considered to simplify your transactions.

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