Fb is getting ready a brand new information feed impressed by TikTok

Facebook continues to copy TickTook. To attract the youngest, the social network is preparing a major revision of its news feed.

Meta plans to bring Facebook’s work closer to that of TikTok. According to an internal letter obtained by The Verge, Facebook app manager Tom Alison instructed his employees to work on it.

In particular, the mainstream Facebook application will only give more priorities for your friends’ publications or the pages you follow. The social network will display posts from all sides, including accounts you don’t know.

This initiative brings closer the Facebook system of recommendations proposed on TikTok. Asked by The Verge, Tom Alison assures that the group’s new goal is development “discovery engine”. Unlike a search engine, this system recommends content to the user for discovery.

Messenger will return to the Facebook application

First of all, Facebook intends rejoin Messenger, his instant messenger, directly in the mobile application of the social network. For the record, Meta shared a messaging platform in 2015. To use Messenger, you must absolutely install a special app on your smartphone.

In particular, Facebook’s news feed will now consist of Stories the ephemeral of your loved ones, Reels (those short videos like TikTok or Snapchat) and content recommended by the discovery mechanism. Not surprisingly, the Silicon Valley giant will focus on videos, always aiming to get closer to the competition. The Inbox Messenger will be visible in the upper right corner of the app.

The official claims that Facebook perceives TikTok as “Competitive threat”. He thinks Meta didn’t figure out how fast enough the Chinese social network poses a threat for its development. “I think it’s a thing we probably haven’t fully understood or seen how social this format could be.”explains Tom Alison on how TickTook works.

Meta is applying similar changes to the Instagram app. The social network has gradually mutated in order to integrate the main features of its rival TikTok. Like Facebook, Instagram now highlights Reels. The app is also enriched with several TikTok-inspired video creation tools. This includes the Sound Sync option that automatically syncs clips and songs.

Facebook is reacting to the erosion of its user base

By copying TikTok, Facebook seeks to stop the loss of its users. Half a million internet users have indeed left the platform in the last three months of 2021. The announcement has led to a drop in the price of Meta shares.

He is especially deserving of this phenomenon, unique in the history of the social network older user base. As young people switch from Facebook to Instagram and TikTok, the average age of members has increased dramatically. According to a study conducted by Diplomeo, only 28% of young people aged 16-18 still use Facebook.


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