Internet advertising and marketing: a rush of consumer expertise

For several months now, the web has been teeming with 2022 trends in anticipation of what’s to come. As for fashion, technology, what poke he TikTok. In short, everything. Let’s explore web marketing trends with Roger Stone, leading data scientist in the house of Adviso as well as Martin ProteauDirector of Digital Strategy, User Experience and Intelligence in TINKS.

Primary data is serious
We couldn’t talk about trends without looking back at the end Cookies third party, which has shaped itself as the BIGGEST change in the history of digital marketing. From the beginning, Roger Stone shows us that primary data will be a trend we will follow in the coming years. “It simply came to our notice then third parties they are doomed to extinction. It’s more than a trend – it’s more of a wake-up call. “According to experts, the primary data is new oil.” Traders want to work with GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) of this world without selling their soulsLAUGHTER). They want to have cooperation, and at the same time they want to preserve and maximize control over their own data. ”

If one of these platforms were to radically change the rules of the game overnight, and 80% of Company X’s revenue depends on this platform, then the company won’t last long! “The cookies third party is a mechanism that makes us more dependent on large technology companies that have a lot of information about the audience of our website. Now that this third-party data has disappeared, we can no longer rely on it. Any business with digital marketing campaigns that relies heavily on re-targeting from these platforms should adjust its strategy accordingly. You have to master your data and take it seriously, ”he translates leading data scientist.

“Everything is based on the exchange of values,” he added Martin Proteau. If I, as a consumer, am willing to give you information of my own free will, what will you give me in return? Instead of access pushing advertising, we have a customer-centric approach and therefore an interactive approach. the exchange of values is the best way for a company to personalize the experience while balancing the interaction. ” The specialist reminds that the key word here is consent. “Just because you agree to give your information now doesn’t mean harassment is allowed.”

consent, guys.

What if we talk about AI?
According to Rogerretailers will also have to evolve faster thanks to the arrival of a brand new version Google Analytics, allowing users to perform maneuvers that were only possible with the premium version (a paid version that costs US $ 150,000 a year!). One of them is the ability to export raw data to BigQuery. “It’s still quite revolutionary, because suddenly there are various possibilities with raw data that could not be imagined with the standard version. Because your data is more granular, it allows you to use machine learning models and more advanced analytics. It democratizes the world big datathe clouds and AI [artifical intelligence]”He said.

“Big companies will turn to AI,” he says Martin. But small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec face the same challenges and do not necessarily have the budget to implement all the latest innovations and AI on their sites. Companies want to do e-commerce, but they are not able to fight it Amazon, Etsy, etc. This is more of a problem than a trends: you have to understand how to make a good digital. ”

In other words, before watching chatbox for example, newsletter quality needs to be structured!

Towards digital autonomy, please
the insight the next two years? Create value for the consumer. “You do content, dear companies, but you do less, it is advised Martin. Don’t just work branded content to see you, but instead create useful content that helps the user and consumer enjoy the product or service purchased online. ” The Web should be used to promote the use and usefulness of a product or service, what an expert calls proprietary content, or content that not only helps discover a product, but also enjoys it. An example? Application FenderPlayconceived by a guitar manufacturer Fender. It is a learning program that guides beginners to play guitar, bass and ukulele through the path of learning based on their musical preferences. This app is a good example of improving the quality of the product experience. “We talk a lot about e-commerce, but now we’re also talking about e-commerce, that is, everything that is complementary (and online) to consumer value-added customer service.”

Other trendsaccording to Martin, is digital autonomy, which has partly emerged due to the pandemic. Yes, the stores were closed, but even today, consumers avoid going to the store and prefer to stay at home, he explains. “Consumers increasingly want to be empowered in the relationship they have with the brand. The usefulness of content increasingly takes precedence over value over love of the brand, ”he says. In short, digital must be embodied in a relevant and useful experience – not just for advertising! “It goes far beyond the customer.” Everything that will be done with the interface (mobile, screen) must be done in the logic of experience with the brand, its products and services. It’s called CX, and companies will invest more and more there, “he says Martin.

Roger is of the same opinion. A smooth and enjoyable user experience is the foundation of all e-commerce platforms, social networks and search engines. “Companies take CX and the user experience more seriously. It is part of the digital transformation. The more efficient companies are in the digital user experience, the better off they will be. It also requires a good understanding of users, which includes the exploitation of primary data, and as a result, they can become more independent, ”he adds.

It’s all in everything.

Think of the customers and then the profits
We asked our two experts what would be the best advice for a successful online business. Not surprisingly, the user experience is returning at a gallop. “The first thing to do is not to think about which is the best CMS or what kind of message I want to put Facebook. That’s not it game!! You need to understand the experience, expectations and intentions of consumers. What benefits are expected? We need to build digitally around that, ”he recommends Martin. “We need to think about the experience we want to provide to customers. There are so many ways to make the digital experience enjoyable, clarify Roger. We start with this assumption instead of thinking about how many products I can sell online. Think about the customer first, and the customer will naturally bring you the desired revenue and sales. It’s really a matter of online experience. Merchants who prefer a user experience will tend to be the most advanced and successful in this environment. »

And finally, if we take the words data, experience and creativity and combine them, what does that give? “It will dictate the biggest trends in the next 5 years,” he sums up Roger.


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