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What’s going on on Instagram? The social network that has delighted photographers until then has turned 180 ° in recent weeks modifying its algorithms. The goal: to oppose TikTok and his crazy growth. The result? More “Reel” videos, more 16: 9 vertical images, fewer photos shownnot including advertisements.

Too much hunting on the land TikTok and its mini video formatsis the social network belonging to the Meta group losing its identity?

Many photographers they share their trouble, with more or less lucidity. In particular, remember that posting your content on social media is by definition extend your hand to the platform whose interests differ from yours – advertise with the audience generated by your content, in most cases.

Creating your website to share your images, in addition to social networks, will quickly (again) become necessary so that you do not have to constantly adapt your content to online platforms. Our tips for creating a blog / portfolio of photographers.

it’s here testimony of JC Pieria photographer, professional director and trainer, following recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm.

© JC Pieri

Instagram’s algorithm has become a big concern for many of us.

We all came for passion.

To share what we love most. It doesn’t matter where we are. But now, the photo becomes almost impossible to share.

Instagram decided to copy and paste TikTok and make us share mostly video.

Photos are no longer featured. And that’s a shame.

So, yes, the video is fantastic. But the emotion of photography is irreplaceable.

All our statistics have fallen. Many no longer share and are appalled.

It’s crazy to get to this.

For some like me, in addition to the passion of sharing our work, it is also a source of income.

Social networks have enabled us to present ourselves, to develop our profession and to live from our passion.

But it gets complicated.

We force ourselves to create content that doesn’t always suit us. To pretend to have a little more visibility.

In a world where we are constantly being asked to put effort into everything, Instagram also has its share of responsibility.

Why boycott all images that promote positive topics?

Ecology, animals, people, etc. Instagram doesn’t matter.

There is no need to tell you what we see every day and buzz for no reason. But it hurts.

Now you have to either adjust or share without worrying about the result you will achieve.

Of course, likes are not important in the background. But it proves to us that our work is appreciated and it motivates us.

As a result, many are tired and give up.

Support each other. Touch ❤️ if you like someone’s post.

Otherwise why follow people if you don’t support them with a simple move?

Thanks to those who support us ❤️

Thanks to JC Pieri for sharing his opinion on this change to the Instagram algorithm.

You are the creators: the social network should not dictate which format or style to adopt (unless you are only posting for a race of likes). It’s the opposite of what sets great artists apart: sharing their own artistic vision, without going into boxes.

👇 Photographers, tell us in the comments where you share your photos (link on social media, but especially websites) to reveal them.

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