The candidate for commencement takes out a melon in the midst of the take a look at, the epic story of the supervisor set hearth to social networks

On Wednesday, June 15, a funny scene took place in high school: a candidate for philosophy graduation tasted … a melon in the middle of a test.

It is well known: Twitter is full of anecdotes that are funny to each other. On Wednesday, June 15, the topic especially attracted the attention of users of the well-known social network.

Student melon

That day marked the beginning of the philosophy exam in France. And the least we can say is that the heat wave existed because the candidate brought a whole melon in the middle of the exam, a good way to stay hydrated.

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Witnessing the event, the supervisor took over his Twitter account to entertain his subscribers: “So I thought I saw everything for the supervisor, but the candidate who puts a complete melon on the table at the beginning of the test is the first.“, He wrote in a tweet around eight in the morning.

The story took an even more comical twist when a student armed himself with a disposable wooden knife to cut fruit. Not surprisingly, this unconventional technique intrigued the educator: “Will he fight to open his melon?”.

Despite everything, the high school student accepted the challenge with impressive dexterity: “The cutting technique is amazing (…) Honestly, that would be a test, I would give it 20/20 directly”.

Predictably, the bachelor even used a handkerchief to wipe the juice: “We live in a historical moment”the assistant joked.

A tasting that deserves a mention

According to the mentors, the bachelor tasted a good portion of his snacks while writing his dissertation, which is an impressive detail that the educational advisor did not miss.

The young man returned his copy around 11:30 and took the fruit before leaving: “He just took her hand and came out as a prince. Thus ends the melon saga. My life is sadder now. ”.

One thing is for sure: this exciting story will go down in history.

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