These eating places that favor cashless cost

Non-cash payments – or non-cash payments – are growing in restaurants. Some institutions have even tried to cut off cash. It’s not that easy

The pandemic resulted in an explosion of non-cash or non-cash payments via smartphones and bank cards. According to a 2021 SumUp / OpinionWay study, 8 out of 10 French people would use their credit card in restaurants. Rudy Gunaire, co-founder of the PNY burger restaurant group, calls. For several years now, the brand has affixed an explicit sticker to the shop window: “Non-cash payment, cash rejection”. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Paris, we are robbed once a month. To avoid the risk of robbery and increase employee safety, this radical method was chosen. We also wanted to show our customers that we do not work illegally and that our employees are officially paid. Cashless service makes the service more fluid, because cash takes a lot of time. Finally, there are always cash register errors that are difficult to explain at the end of the service. This ultimately undermines the relationship of trust with the teams. The cashless situation puts an end to this awkward situation. “, he explains. Today, 95% of payments in PNY are made without cash, credit card, Apple pay, Lydia or meal vouchers. For people under the age of fifty, non-cash payment is not a problem. People over fifty ask questions. Those over sixty rebel. We accept cash if people insist, otherwise it is illegal. “he smiles.

Indeed, Article R642-3 of the Criminal Code imposes a fine of 2nd class, ie a maximum of € 150, on any refusal to pay in cash. a few exceptions. The merchant is not obliged to give change and may legitimately refuse to accept more than fifty coins when paying in cash. Similarly, payments are limited to an upper limit of € 1,000 in cash between individuals and professionals. In addition to these issuances, stores also have the right to reject counterfeit banknotes and coins, in very poor condition or in foreign currency. The Ministry of the Interior also specifies that it is possible to refuse payment in cash for public or technical reasons ”. For example, night traders may refuse to pay in cash as a security measure.

Simplify management

Bordeaux, La Boca Foodcourt imposes a fully dematerialized payment system from 2018. Customers can pay the amount of their choice on a top-up card, via the terminal or at the reception, and then pay at any corner of the restaurant. “La Boca has a special operation, cashless payment simplifies management and ensures it, through a common billing platformexplains the director, Laurence Favre Bertin. In addition, this system speeds up transactions, builds customer loyalty and avoids handling cash, which is more hygienic when someone in the kitchen has to cash in. It is also practical during privatization: companies pay for pre-orders of cashless cards, which guests can top up as desired. But this cashless system, very common at short-term festivals, may look like it. “too restrictive for a larger type of client ”. Boca Foodcourt therefore eventually equipped every corner with electronic payment terminals for credit card payments.

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