To mimic TikTok, Fb desires to indicate you international posts

Faced with competition from TikTok, Meta will review its algorithm to focus on recommended content.

Loses momentum against TikTok, Meta counterattacks. His strategy is simple: imitate what he does on a social network owned by Chinese Bytedance. In an internal letter released in late April, Tom Alison, Facebook application manager, asked his teams to review the main feed algorithm.

Recommend posts from foreigners

According to the website The Verge, the idea is to highlight recommended content, rather than giving priority to posting to friends. In particular, the main feed will start with videos or posts from sites or influencers you don’t follow, instead of seeing those of your contacts. The main card will therefore be completely different and will combine cards “Reels“,”Stories“and publications recommended by the algorithm. What does the” For You “TikToka start card play?

And the imitation doesn’t stop there. The future Facebook app will reintegrate Messenger, an independent app from 2011. To make it easier to share a post with your contacts, Meta will put a Messenger tab in the top right corner of the app that you can access while watching video, whether “real” or “story”.

copy to rule

While Instagram has already transformed to look more like TikTok with “reals“Facebook leaders hope to reverse the stagnant growth of the app and attract young people by copying their rival. A strategy similar to the one the group has implemented in the fight against the development of Snapchat by taking over the system.”stories“.

“It’s basically a race to see if Facebook can become like TikTok before TikTok becomes more like Facebook,” said Facebook app manager Tom Alison.

Except that the rivalry with TikTok is much bigger. According to Mobile Apps Research Company SensorTower, the Chinese social network has been downloaded a total of more than 3.6 billion times. Last year alone, TikTok downloads were 21% higher than Instagram and 20% higher than Facebook. Not to mention that during the first three months of this year, iPhone users spent an average of 78% more time on TikTok than on Facebook. What’s worse, Facebook lost 4 million daily active users in the last quarter of last year, the first in its 18-year history. In short for Tom Alison, “it’s essentially a race to see if Facebook can become like TikTok before TikTok becomes more like Facebook.”

Facebook employees worried

As soon as this internal note was published, several employees expressed concern. For them, highlighting the video of the aliens does not correspond to the original mission of Facebook. “I think there is a real risk that we will lose sight of our fundamental differentiation in this approach, in favor of following short-term interests and trends,” one employee told Tom Alison. For another employee, users will eventually “realize that this is not a quality time spent.”

However, the use of social networks has evolved greatly over the years. In his last address to shareholders in July 2021, Mark Zuckerberg insisted that videos make up more than half of the time spent in the app. To reassure employees, Tom Alison therefore replied that he always wanted to give priority to publications that users want to share with their friends and that he does not set too many limits on when and where recommended content will appear in the feed.

But this overhaul is inevitable for Meta. Out of competition from TikTok, investors would question the ability of the American group to respond to the challenges of its advertising business, according toThe Verge. Especially since the loss of users led to a drop in the price of its share by almost 23%, without returning to the previous level to date. A key issue that enables a group to develop its metaverse.

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