Zendaya: this video about her alleged being pregnant panics the web!

The video about the alleged pregnancy of the actress Zendaya caused panic among the fans on social networks! We give you more details.

Is she really pregnant? Actress Zendaya panicked with a web video about her alleged pregnancy! MCE TV gives you more details.

Pregnant Zendaya?

In recent days, there has been panic in the community of fans of the young actress Zendaya. The story begins on the social network TikTok, when internet users publish an ultrasound.

Platform users go further and make it look like a star from the Euphoria series who published the publication in question. Enough for the fans of the young actress to react en masse.

In reality, it is a fake ultrasound. The tickers simply used this image to make noise the latest TikTok trend, “Krissed”.

This new trend that is a hit on social media has the simple purpose of making internet users believe a completely false story. And as much as that says with Zendai’s fake ultrasound, everyone fell for it!

But the story gains even more momentum when it is shared on Twitter. Zendaya fans on the Blue Bird social network were clearly unaware of this trend.

So they believed that the young woman was really pregnant and they shared the news en masse. Tom Holland’s favorite soon found itself in it trendy themes on the platform.

“Wait, Zendaya is pregnant? » post a fan on Twitter. “I need to know who your source is. I don’t understand why everyone on the timeline is saying that. “ writes another fan.

The actress emerges from her silence

Faced with this real buzz, the young actress decided to react. Zendaya therefore shared the post which caused all this controversy on her Instagram account and simply said that was the reason she stayed out of Twitter.

These gossips are really the reason why the young actress does not train much on social networks. I have to say that on Twitter the news travels fast. And even more fake!

Anyway, Zendaya and her sweetheart who embodies Spider-Man therefore they are not expecting a child. That is why the young woman recently shared a photo of her lover on the occasion of her birthday.

“Happy birthday to the one who makes me happiest” she wrote on her account Instagram. Two American stars are having fun since they met in 2017

But it is not until 2021 that Six magazine formalizes par. “I think it’s great to have that support and love around you, because you need it.” Zendaya said.

Since then, the young couple has been making perfect love. By the way, two successful actors I hope we can start a family together.

The 25-year-old actor did not hide his desire to become a dad last year. Indeed, the one who plays the famous spider-man confided that he loves children! If this rumor about Zendai’s pregnancy was a big joke, we know the two are dear anyway I would still be ready to have children one day!

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