1 in 2 younger individuals imagine that their lives are extra thrilling on social media

The study shows that young people are struggling to guess themselves on social networks. Lack of self-confidence and fear of judging others, many claim to play a role.

Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook (for boomers) … What we show on social networks does not always reflect the truth. The windows of our lives or our personalities are formed by these platforms a real parallel world in which everyone is, more or less, the master of their own image. And who better than Generation Z, the children of the web born in the 2000s, to analyze their own online behavior? A study by Adobe and OnePoll, which they transferred The Independent and spotted by Slate, was conducted on 1,000 young people aged 18 to 25. Researchers have looked at their attitude towards social networks, and the survey reveals that1 in 2 young people admit that their life looks better and more exciting than it really isand that 1 in 5 young people even prefer to hide their true identity online.

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Social networks, a place par excellence alter ego

And if 58% of young people believe that their presence on social networks allows them to feel more comfortable with themselves, they are, so to speak, the same number who recognize hiding behind an alter ego, when 34% simply admit to playing a character. But why is it so hard for them to be themselves? By lack of self-confidence by 55% young people, as well as fear of the eyes of others by 42%.

Generation Z therefore finds it hard to imagine themselves, and if 40% of them believe they will get better over time, a fifth think they can really discover themselves by their forties. But how to express your personality online? 30% for music and 27% for fashion.
Fortunately, social media also has a beneficial effect, 45% of young people believe that they are motivated to be more creativeand 2-thirds were positively influenced by people like Zendaya, Harry Styles or David Bowie.

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