4 steps it’s essential comply with to enhance your acquisition technique in numerous markets

Semji has just published his new white paper on international SEO. You must have this if you want to export your business abroad or achieve greater growth than existing multilingual sites: download it now!

This White Paper is specifically aimed at companies striving for international strategy or looking for ways to improve. It will also be useful for managers and CMOs who will be able to share tips and advice with their teams, regardless of their composition (internal collaborators, freelancers, etc.)

Why read the White Paper on International SEO?

Even if the Covid crisis hit French companies hard, they retained a good portion of their international markets. According to the France Export team, in 2020, 86% of organizations continued their international research activities.

When it comes to SEO, however, it’s not always easy to plan a strategy in several international markets at the same time … and especially without the mistakes that will really jeopardize your natural referencing.

This white paper will prevent you from making the most common mistakes in international SEO. It will also allow you to win:

  • SEO market shares,
  • In competitiveness,
  • In profitability.

“To enter a new market and accelerate your customer acquisition strategy, there is an extremely powerful combination of 2 levers: SEO and Content. In short, content is essential to make your products, services and offerings more appealing to your audience. SEO is vital to increasing your visibility and finally gaining market share. ”

Nicolas Nguyen, White Paper: International SEO: 4 Steps to Conquering New Markets

How to set an international SEO strategy?

The White Paper offers a 4-step action plan that describes all the steps to building a relentless SEO content strategy. By relying on data from competing sites, you can quickly and easily implement actions that can be implemented quickly.

In this white paper you will find:

  • Key success factors with all the best practices to follow and mistakes not to make;
  • Tutorials and recommendations for SEO tools to improve your strategy;
  • Opinion and advice of 6 experts SEO to accelerate your international SEO growth.

Amanda Bart, head of procurement in Waalaxy. An SEO expert, Amandine strives above all to make this complex topic accessible to everyone.

Charley Bouzerau, SEO project manager in Semji. Charley drives customer success in Semji and helps businesses achieve their SEO goals while directing them to the services they need.

Karim Elmlih, Leading SEO in Qonto. Karim is in charge of the French unicorn’s acquisition strategy. Frequently talking to professionals in this field, he advocates the Qonto Way: learning in the service of performance.

Nicolas Nguyen, co-founder of Semji. Nicolas has been a digital transformation specialist and SEO expert for 10 years. In 2010, he won the “SEOtons” competition.

Vincent Terrace, Product Director at Oncrawl. This enthusiast of data science and artificial intelligence is also a pioneer of Data SEO in France. In 2018, he graduated from the TechSEO Boost finalist.

Christophe Vidal, CEO 410Gone, Semrush Ambassador. A Prestashop specialist, Christophe improves visibility and increases the turnover of his customers with the help of simple tips and tailor-made support.

SEO and content in the service of your international growth

To put the odds on your side, the alliance of SEO and Content Marketing is essential. Used together, these two levers really increase the performance of your website and allow you to become a leader in your strategic themes.

If you already use these two levers for your French website, it would be a shame not to apply them to your international sites.

In this white paper, you can detail 4 steps to attack your new markets:

  1. Soil preparation : make sure you validate the 4 essential SEO parameters of your multilingual site before you start your content marketing strategy;
  2. Tame your competitors : gather all the necessary information about your competitors using SEO tools and a proven method;
  3. Spot opportunity : Choose your target keywords and phrases and estimate the market share you will get;
  4. Market attack : Prioritize, upload your content, and measure your impact.

Why is Samji proposing this white paper?

Semji is a Saas solution specializing in content marketing and SEO. The No. 1 French company internationally, allows you to produce more efficient content in 6 times less time.

Semji also offers you the opportunity to implement your content marketing strategy in 8 languages ​​(French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Polish) and for 128 countries. With jobs dedicated to each language or country, you monitor the production and tracking of your content on all of your multilingual sites.

Decathlon, Qonto, Leroy Merlin, Mustela and Allianz regularly use Semji to optimize and produce their content.

Want to know more about this solution? Do not hesitate to request a demo with an SEO expert.

Article written in collaboration with Semji

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