In Faches-Thumesnil, the Twitch social community is on the service of lacking kids for 72 hours

Organized for the first time at a distance last year, this action will have the right place this time. During three days in the city, through the Twitch platform, internet users will mobilize to support the Foundation for the Rights of the Child.

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1. The rights of the child, who is it?

It is a French foundation whose institutions accept children placed under its protection of social assistance for children. He also manages the European Emergency Number 116,000 for families of missing children as part of a public service delegation. It offers, among other things, listening and support units with lawyers, psychologists and specialized educators.

In 2020, more than 41,000 reports of missing minors were filed. Among them, 39,587 fugitives, 583 kidnappings of parents and 987 worrying disappearances.

2. What is Twitch?

It is an online platform where videographers broadcast live content (sports, video games, press reviews, etc.) and where the public can communicate. It is the number one location in the world in terms of the number of gaming communities.

This is what particularly interested Children’s Rights when it decided to organize a big action last year. ” This has enabled us to present the European Emergency Number to a younger audience that we do not normally reach, explains Julien Landureau, the foundation’s communications manager. We also raised € 2,800, which helped us develop projects for the benefit of parents. This means a lot to them in the case of parental abduction, for example, which imposes long and expensive procedures. »

3. Why Faches-Thumesnil?

In 2021, the first edition was edited remotely for health reasons. This time he will be in the city thanks to the intervention of Cédric Flament, 33, a young father involved in associations and networks.

When I had children, I was amazed by the number of articles about disappearances, he confides. It became obvious to do something on my scale. An audiovisual technician from the University of Lille offered his services to the foundation and the project was launched with the municipality, around Twitch, where Cédric operates under the name Vaykhin with its 1,500 subscribers.

Thirty streamers responded to his call. From May 22 to 25, the location, which will remain a secret to avoid possible crowds, will offer 72 hours of live broadcasts, music, video games. ” We will broadcast reports on the activities of the foundation, testimonies of parents during live and invite the public to donate with small challenges. And even, perhaps, a world record to look for?


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