Labor regulation, salaries, careers … New mutual assist for younger staff on Tiktok or Fb

“Does my employer have the right to impose holidays on me?” », “I have a 35-hour contract and overtime is not paid or charged at RTT, is that normal? », “When should I tell my employer that I’m pregnant?” »… These human resources questions are not asked on the union flyer or in the cramped premises of the staff representatives of the companies concerned, but on social networks. More specifically about the TikTok orders of several influencers who have successfully specialized in counseling young workers for two years: Career Queen (560,000 subscribers), Mama Job (573,000 subscribers), Daylitis lawyers (228,000 subscribers), Marion DHM RH (60,000 subscribers), etc.

The sheer number of sometimes naive questions about business life that are published on their topics sometimes surprises the owners of these accounts. Like a large audience of videos that react to it, always light but informative. “In higher education subjects, human resources or labor laws are clearly insufficiently addressed,” comments Karine Trioullier, alias Career Kueen. Faced with simple problems, especially during the employment process, young people find themselves lost. This encourages misunderstandings or tensions with employers. Something is missing between school and the world of work. »

“Avoid balance of power”

Among the topics that have been constantly appearing in the nine months since this professional development consultant opened her account is salary negotiations (“How much can I ask for? »), relations with hierarchy“I have a toxic manager, what should I do?” ») or missions“I don’t know how to say I have too much to do …”). “I give them elements of understanding how the company works and encourage them to discuss their problems with the manager, at the right time and in the right way. » She sees her role as a role “medium” between employees, management and human resources, “which helps a little to normalize relations between the two, to avoid entering the struggle for power”.

Same approach for Marion Ledéan-Durel, alias Marion DHM RH. “Young people’s knowledge of labor law is fragmented, which explains why they are sometimes involved, and above all the fear that it will happen to them,” explains this 33-year-old labor lawyer. “Resignation, paid leave, salary, working hours … I respond to their need for information before they irritate the employer with their questions, or come into conflict with him,” explains one who also works in a business consulting firm. In some cases, it sometimes recommends to its followers to seek free legal aid, outside of their company, in order to exercise their rights.

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