Tessi DOCUBASE, Tessino EDM / workflow answer, has facelifting!

The wind of change is blowing from Tessa! The publisher is preparing to launch a brand new version of its historic EDM / workflow solution, Tessi DOCUBASE. From next June, users will be able to discover a platform with modern interfaces, integrating improved functionalities for guided research, decision support and activity management.

For more than 20 years, Tessi DOCUBASE has been the reference platform in the EDM and work solutions market. Having grown thanks to its customers and through their use, the solution is once again in close collaboration with them.

Indeed, the initial phase of the project first consisted of getting to know the users and observing their daily use of the solution in order to identify areas for improvement in the user’s pathways. UX / UI work was then done, and then development, before the final phase of beta testing with users was launched.

Optimize user experience

Particularly ambitious, this overhaul gives a second life to Tessa DOCUBASE, whose main changes will relate to 4 key points:

  • ergonomics and user path: Thanks to significant UI / UX operation, the solution interfaces are now more intuitive. All user paths are studied in the “zero click” approach, so that the user can perform the given task by minimizing the number of clicks. Tessi DOCUBASE also gives priority to customization, with any user who can organize their interface according to everyday use and practice;
  • guided research: on average, employees spend 7.5 hours a week searching for a paper or digital document without success. To fix this, Tessi DOCUBASE integrates favorite search features, allowing the user to access the document very quickly by entering as few search criteria as possible. And thanks to the intuitive interface, all information about the document (version, history, metadata, comments, etc.) is available at a glance;
  • decision support: the workflow mechanism has undergone major technical developments to promote unpredictable process modeling (case management). Thanks to the 360 ​​° client overview, the user thus has access to all files related to him (exchange history, file processed or in progress by another employee, etc.);
  • business management: the new version offers dashboards that allow the manager to manage his activity (key figures, KPIs, production charts, etc.). Monitoring the productivity and performance of your service therefore becomes child’s play.

A novelty that wins all the votes

Bringing a wide range of enhanced features, the new version of the Tessi DOCUBASE is available from June 2022.

“This is an internal structuring project that has mobilized teams for product, research and development, customer project, sales, pre-sales and marketing and together with our clients,” said Romain Le Formal, Marketing Manager for ECM / SAE Offers at Tessa.

This new version has also aroused great interest among the participants of the traditional morning of customers, which is organized every year by Tessi.


Romain LeFormal
Marketing Manager for ECM / SAE Offers
e-mail: romain.leformal@tessi.fr

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