Chinese language-style social credit score is coming to the center of Europe

Published June 18, 2022


In January 2022, I drew attention to the surprising stance taken by some French senators on the Chinese government’s approach during the crisis we have been going through. In a forward-looking report, they openly admire China’s technological solution.

In this same report, they did not fail to elevate – openly – all the advantages of the Middle Kingdom methods, not forgetting to highlight some of its most compelling approaches…

Although the authors of this report were quite curiously proud of the reactions their writings will not fail to provoke – and with good reason – beyond the proven intent of the provocation I actually noticed reading it, the fact remains nothing less than taking China as a reference in terms of social control – in times of crisis or not – questionable. If provocation is one thing, isn’t it legitimate to ask about the goal of this very strange report, which shatters, according to its paragraphs, any democratic ideal with a concept that is at least confusing about the importance of respecting civil liberty, the cornerstone of our democracies.

In this same article, I also drew attention to the fact that relying on the private company Sésame Crédit, the social credit system established in China is now at the gates of France: like Sésame Crédit, technology is ready, all you have to do is. Thales, promoter a digital wallet, does not fail to emphasize on its website the interest of state authorities in its miraculous solution. A technological solution that could serve as a springboard for public authorities to one day follow in China’s footsteps.

One wonders whether, step by step, renunciation after renunciation, the capitalism of control that is constantly knocking on Europe’s door will be – if we continue in this crazy dynamic – so far removed from the model of social control à la China?

From dystopia to reality: the arrival of a virtuous citizen in Bologna

I am fully aware that when I mentioned the medium-term establishment of a “mandatory citizen’s wallet” in preparation in Europe and France, with all possible inherent “improvements” (rewards and sanctions), this could naturally be an exaggeration for some:

“A virtuous citizen rewarded against a bad citizen stigmatized or punished, none of that in our country!” Not in a democracy, a country of free thought, freedom of conscience and free will (under the guise of respecting the law!) ”

I do not like to quote Lenin at all: “The facts are stubborn! Unfortunately, for both me and those who can rightly doubt the anticipation of my remarks, the Chinese-style social credit I have announced will set the first foothold in our European democracies. The first Europeans to try the experiment were our neighbors and Italian relatives … The local Italian press is starting to talk about it. Rewarding of the social credit “virtuous citizen” will soon be introduced in Bologna, the so-called smart citizen wallet.

Of course, this will initially be on a voluntary basis, of course it will initially be on an experimental basis … However, it is mentioned that the proposed portfolio will aim to provide maximum benefit to citizens congratulations… When we remember that restrictions in the Chinese style were introduced in Europe through Italy, because China has never stopped putting pressure on one of the most dramatically affected European countries, is there no reason to be a little upset?

As the newspaper reports Corriere de Bolognaestablishment A portfolio of virtuous citizens planned after the summer of 2022. Massimo Bugani, who worked on the project with the Raggi administration, explains that the idea is similar to the mechanism of collecting points in the supermarket:

Citizens will be recognized if they sort waste, if they use public transport, if they manage energy well, if they do not take sanctions from the municipal authorities, if they are property with a cultural book ».

These behaviors defined as virtues will correspond to the result that Bolognese can then spend on rewards, which are currently defined. »

These facts are sad, they are there: in Europe, the classification of good and bad citizens by public authorities is taking shape, according to their criteria. When it comes to defining what virtue is, this is a very brave endeavor! Should it be understood that those who do not adhere to the criteria of dominant ideologies, or what some politicians will consider virtuous, will first be punished by deprivation of advantage, before being marginalized? What will happen to those who will not obey, to those who persist in their desire to exercise their inalienable right to free will?

As the project promoters acknowledge: the question of privacy and resistance that this project could encounter among citizens remains “While hurrying to clarify:” Of course, no one will be forced to participate fully convinced that, given the benefits that will be given to “good” citizens, many of them will join: ” We want you to understand that they are not losers, but that their behavior has been rewarded“.

There is no need to be a great visionary to anticipate the rest of the experience: from my point of view, there will initially be those who will participate, participation that can be presented – in an extremely reductive way (cf. economic crisis, purchasing power, uncertain future) – from by its initiators as the first proof of the civic will of some. As for the disobedient, they could start to stand out.

Observing China, like the rest of the world, and under constant Chinese pressure, Italy has often demonstrated mimicry in crisis management. Today, it is one of her regions that plans to go even further … Yesterday’s unimaginable, Chinese social credit, so after the summer, in a democratic country, will become a reality according to the criteria of behavior that are virtuously defined by several men. So politicians, outside the law, and I insist on this point, and therefore on the absolute arbitrariness of what is honest and what is not, let’s assume without complex the power to define for the population what is honest, this ” the ability to do good, this predisposition to good deeds »…

Will it then be a question of Bologna obeying all the dominant ideologies in terms of ecology, economy, energy, culture or others … will it be necessary to read good deeds, be an ayatollah of wind turbines, a destroyer of nuclear energy, a fan of inclusive writing, etc. ? You have to be afraid, what I say, to be afraid. If it was necessary to open a Pandora’s box that could put an end to the democratic ideal and at the same time end the free will of every citizen, these wizarding apprentices – certainly immersed in good intentions – will open it! Hell, of course, is always paved with good intentions.

The prizes are followed by penalties!

As I mentioned, Bologna will launch this experiment after the summer of 2022.

This experiment will, from my point of view, be completely biased due to the financial difficulties of many citizens, who will join for financial reasons. This madness will take place against the background of the announced global economic crisis, uncertainty and fear of the future.

It is quite possible – conceivably – that many Bolognese will see in this initiative only the advantages and benefits that will be associated with it, without necessarily measuring the dangers of the trap set. Whoever says that the reward is potentially a precursor to punishment, just like what is happening in China. The future will show.

Apart from this experimentation, which should be observed with extreme care, it seems to me useful to remind myself that a solution is planned at the European level that enables similar experimentation on a large scale …

This project of the “European Digital Identity Wallet” is led by the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen, a president who, let us remind you, is not elected by the citizens of Europe in any way.

This project aims to

… Introduce a unique digital identification system in Europe, through which citizens of the European Union can digitally register various personal data and documents through an application that can be used in any EU Member State.

Once the latter is in force, if it is – the introduction of social credit on a European scale will be only a step away, in order to reward – in the same spirit as in Bologna – European citizens who are considered by their authorities to be congratulations.

Utopia? It will now be acknowledged to me that the Bologna Initiative, to which I draw your attention, has the merit of giving credibility to my statement, that what seemed perfectly unthinkable and unreasonable now has a validity period set in the heart of Europe!

Aristotle – Self-sacrifice is a condition of virtue.

Chatelain Hence this article! Aristotle. Hence this article!

Article originally published on April 15, 2022

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