TikTok entrusts the storage of its American information to Oracle

“U.S. officials have feared for years that TikTok could allow the authoritarian Chinese government to access data collected by the group from its users, in the United States and other countries.”observe TechCrunch.

According to a survey by Fr. BuzzFeedNews, these concerns were justified. The site claims to have had access to more than 80 audio recordings of internal TikTok meetings, revealing that “ByteDance employees based in China have repeatedly accessed the private data of American TikTok users – just such behavior led former President Donald Trump to threaten to ban the application in the United States.”.

“China sees everything”says one of the TikTok employees in particular in one of the recordings from September 2021. Chinese engineers would have access to American private data for at least five months – from September 2021 to January 2022.

Investigation of Fr. BuzzFeedNews he somewhat tarnished TikTok’s triumphant press release issued Friday morning, in which the platform boasted that it had reached an agreement with the US group Oracle to store its US data.

“The famous short video application announced that the data of all American users will now be stored in the infrastructure of its partner Oracle”explains Wall Street Journal. However, the platform is retained “Its own servers in the United States and Singapore, as backup centers, but plans to gradually delete all US data from its servers and permanently move it to Oracle”specifies the economic diary.

Technology partnership

“We know that we are among the most researched platforms in terms of security, and our goal is to eradicate doubts about the security of American users’ data.”claims the group.

However, it is unlikely that the doubts will soon disappear, especially within the American administration, whose distrust is not new. Gizmodo recalls that Donald Trump, the then president, ordered ByteDance to sell its American activities to an American group, under a total ban.

“Several companies, including Walmart and Microsoft, have shown interest in the application, but Oracle has proven to be the best candidate.”reminds the site. “Oracle and TikTok toyed with the idea of ​​takeover, before finally deciding on a technology partnership”.

Joe Biden also does not show much confidence in TikTok, he points out CNN. If it overrides its predecessor’s direct-command commands, “He replaced them with others of a wider scope, targeting all applications related to foreign opponents of the United States, including China.”.

In light of the discovery BuzzFeedNews, Mashable regrets the new case of application “Collects information about its users to work with at its discretion. In 2022, it seems increasingly difficult to have an online presence while maintaining the semblance of privacy. ”.

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