TikTok: This do-it-yourself sunbathing trick could be very harmful!

There is something new on the TikTok side. Indeed, there is a sunbathing tip that is a hit in the app, but which can be dangerous.

Since the arrival of sunny days, there have been hundreds of TikTok videos for a beautiful complexion. But there is homemade sunbathing advice which can be very dangerous. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Watch out for TikTok tips

There is no need to re-represent the Chinese social network. Everyone around the world knows TikTo, a favorite app for young people.

If the latter are such fans of the network, it is thanks lots of tips of all kinds present in your for you. But the truth is that not everything I can find on TikTok is good.

And with good reason, some tips shared by users it can be dangerous. Whether for their health or the health of others.

Among those who have made the most noise in recent weeks is the worrying one retention of avocados. Tip that putting avocados in water would help save.

There was another even crazier one that involved using a pair of wired headphones to assess whether people sound fat or not. Trick done a very dangerous weight loss challenge For young people.

But with the advent of sunny days, everyone is trying to have beautiful complexion in record time. So, to achieve this, everyone has their own method.

For those who need an idea, TikTok has given birth to a new trick that is equally dangerous to health. This is’homemade recipe for faster tanning. MCE TV tells you more!

@_kayyh Here are my little techniques for quick tanning, I’m so addicted to sunbathing 😭 #viral #fyu #tan ♬ Aesthetics – Xilo

This tanning trick should not be reproduced

On TikTok it is possible to find a whole bunch of beauty tips. But you have to be careful, because there are some some of which can be dangerous.

And with good reason, last April, a cosmetic eyelash tip it turned out very bad. But it is neither the first nor the last to appear on the social network.

Moreover, with the arrival of nice weather, everyone hurry to get the perfect complexion. To achieve this, everyone has their own little method.

But for those who are still looking for their own, TikTok offers them more dangerous than it seems. This is’homemade recipe to speed up tanning

The latter it consists mainly of olive oil and lemon. Once the mixture is done, all you have to do is spray it all over your body and expose yourself to the sun.

If the results are very fast, it is a false good idea to practice this TikTok trick. “Olive oil increases the penetration of UV rays and lemon photosensitizes. What makes the skin more sensitive?explained the dermatologist.

One thing is for sure, for all people who are exposed to the sun it is recommended by protect yourself with the right sunscreen. One to avoid sunburn but also skin diseases.

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