TikTok will use Oracle to retailer American knowledge!

TikTok will now use Oracle to store US data. Goal ? Ensure data protection.

We all care about where our data goes to storage. That’s why TikTok just chose Oracle to store American data. Goal ? Have more security on what is shared on the social network.

TikTok chooses Oracle to protect itself

TikTok competes with other social networks. Facebook he even changed the interface to do something more like a social network. It must be said that the latter works very well. On the other hand, the real question of security arises.

In effect, this application belongs to China. We wonder where all the data will be stored. Especially since we know the rivalry between the United States and China. So, to calm everyone down, the social network makes the decision.

“Today, 100% of user data is in the US go through Oracle Cloud infrastructure ”. according to a TikTok press release. This information came out a few hours before the article on BuzzFeed. This medium had access to 80 recordings of meetings on the social network.

And in these vocals, we hear that the main problem of the social network is the interrupted Chinese access to American data. So there was a real problem here. But normally, everything should be fine now.

Already in the past, TikTok stored on US servers. Like one in Virginia, but also one in Singapore. These servers will always be used for emergency backups. To limit damage in case of problems.

The data will no longer be available to the Chinese

“We know we are one of the most closely monitored security platforms, and we want to remove all doubts about security Data on American users. explained the head of public affairs.

It must be said that this is not the first wave for TikTok. During his tenure, Donald Trump trying to ban the social network. He accused him of being a spy for Beijing. But why did he think that?

Simply because Chinese law requires companies in the country to share their data. Well, only if the government asks for it. But this data can be valuable for the country. Now everything should be under American protection.

It must be said that TikTok works very well. Trends continue and never stop. There is always something new to do. And that is what attracts young and old who use the application. There is always content!

Of course, TikTok is also trying to copy its neighbors. As creating an avatar on the subscriber’s account. But hey, for now, it’s a success even if it’s Youtube take first place in its number of subscribers. But hey, you can’t have it all!

In any case, if you want to follow the trends, it happens on TikTok. Right now, healthy salad is going viral. And given the current temperatures, we can’t say quite a bit of freshness! It’s up to you to see what interests you on the social network!

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