Twitter is giving in to the whims of Elon Musk, however that may actually not be sufficient for him

Elon Musk continues to threaten not to buy Twitter after committing to it. The social network, determined to get him to keep his word, will agree to give him access to all the tweets posted on the platform in real time, so he can calculate the number of fake accounts himself.

Elon Musk is convinced that the number of fake Twitter accounts is much higher than what the platform claims. It doesn’t matter: the social network has just decided, according to several Anglo-Saxon media, which repeated it on June 8, 2022, to send the billionaire all the tweets published on her platform. This corresponds to approximately 500 million tweets per day.

Behind this decision, however, lies a problem that is obvious: this flow of messages is unlikely to really help Elon Musk and his teams calculate the rate of fraudulent bills. In reality, the problem is deeper and depends on accounting methods that are different.

Twitter uses both algorithmic and human techniques to determine that there are, according to him, only 5% of accounts that are fake (i.e. not considered human) on its service. . Musk, for his part, doesn’t want to believe it and claims Twitter would be lying about this rate.

Why is Elon Musk so worried about the number of fake Twitter accounts?

To understand why this element has become crucial in social media and billionaire news, we need to go back a few weeks. Elon Musk made an offer to take over Twitter for 44 billion dollars in April, causing, in addition to surprises, the fear of interventionism on a platform capable of creating and breaking the political-media agenda. In addition, Tesla’s boss boasts of his own vision of “freedom of expression”: he is convinced that the voice of conservatives will be censored on Twitter, although data from the social network have shown that he is right. reinforced by the left.

However, while Elon Musk has been making provocative statements in recent months, proud of his ability to acquire one of the largest platforms in the world on his own, the stock market has experienced a turnaround. The war in Ukraine, the shortage of raw materials and the increase in the price of energy caused a drop in prices, which brought with it the valuation of Tesla. However, Musk’s wealth is based in part on the value of the company that makes electric cars. Moreover, the manufacturer could give up 10% of its payroll because of this tense context: Musk says he has ” really bad feeling about the near economic future of his company.

This is how the entrepreneur has been raising doubts about the final takeover of Twitter since mid-May. According to him, the social network could earn more money if it really hunted fake accounts, which would enable the display of advertisements to “real” people. However, if the rate of fake orders is actually much lower than he imagines (the famous 5% according to Twitter), then part of his rescue plan could not be implemented.

Source: Numerama

What information will Musk have?

Therefore, he tries to use the lack of information about fake orders as an excuse to justify giving up his approach (he should be able to prove, legally, that Twitter deliberately deceived him), or he tries to diminish the value of social networks. networks to redeem it at a lower price.

If Twitter gives Musk access to all the tweets posted on the platform, as well as related data (which account is tweeting and from which device), then the billionaire would have all the existing information to try to calculate the false rate himself. platform. However, according to the Washington Post, some Twitter executives are skeptical about the relevance of this data, which the platform has been selling to dozens of companies for years, to determine how many real users are present on the service.

on his side, “Twitter will continue to cooperate by sharing information with Mr. Musk in order to complete the transaction, in accordance with the terms of the merger agreement. the company said in a June 6 statement. “ We are convinced that this agreement is in the best interests of all shareholders. We intend to conclude the transaction and execute the merger agreement at the agreed price and conditions.. ”

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