Why rent an search engine optimisation company?

Want to optimize the SEO of your online store or website? Wondering if using an SEO agency is a good idea compared to hiring specialized employees at home or hiring specialized freelancers? Here are 8 good reasons to call an SEO agency to optimize your natural referencing.

1- An SEO agency offers more flexibility than an internal team

One of the primary reasons why many companies use the services of SEO agencies is the flexibility offered by this type of service provider compared to hiring internal staff.

Indeed, affording a professional SEO team at home is expensive, engaging and administratively “difficult” for a company.

When the need for SEO expertise is ad hoc, especially in niches that are not too competitive, it is often interesting for companies in these sectors to use SEO agencies that can mobilize your teams for work that is really necessary.

2- Get a new look at your SEO strategy

Whether you have an in-house team specializing in natural referencing or not, getting an external point of view on optimizing your site for SEO often allows you to find new relevant ways to improve that need to be explored.

Therefore, ordering a one-time SEO audit by an SEO agency on technical, semantic and / or netlinking aspects will offer fresh look and potentially interesting possibilities for optimizing SEO positioning in the short, medium and long term.

3- Get the services of experts specialized in their fields

Within a specialized SEO agency or an agency with a dedicated SEO division, such as the Ad’s Up SEO team, several complementary professional profiles work on SEO campaigns on a daily basis.

We often forget this, but the SEO profession involves so many different skills that it is rare for one person to master everything well.

Therefore, agencies need several profiles to work on the same SEO support: a profile specializing in technical SEO, a profile specializing in semantic and on-site SEO, and a profile specializing in netlinking to implement a backlink acquisition strategy.

This type of organization by specialization enables every professional to become an expert in their field every day guaranteeing the customer a quality of service that is difficult to compare with another mode of operation.

4- Take advantage of expertise faced with different topics and levels of competition

It is very interesting for clients that SEO agencies work on dozens of different projects and sites at the same time. Therefore, they benefit from a expertise that daily faces this field and tested on various topics and sites.

Unlike an internal SEO team that will often face the same SEO problems and the same level of competition on targeted keywords, a specialized team SEO team often faces a wide range of problems and significant levels of competition. allowing them to develop advanced skills, tested and validated on many different sites.

5- Increase the skills of your internal teams

Whether through a training service or simply through many exchanges integrated into the agency’s services, the use of SEO agencies will promote the skills development of internal teams on all matters relating to natural referencing.

6- Take advantage of proven methodologies on many sites

Thanks to their diverse experience and projects, agencies need to establish support and project management methodologies to manage their clients.

On the user side, calling an SEO agency is often encouraging because the support processes are clearly explained before the sale.

7- Take advantage of professional SEO tools

When working on site optimization for SEO, it is important to have professional tools for many uses:

  • monitor your positions,
  • analyze its competitors,
  • perform semantic analysis,
  • discover the possibilities of feedback,
  • index the page,
  • collects and analyzes diaries,
  • technically revise your website,
  • ….

Purchasing the right tools for each stock can quickly prove costly for a company that will have to multiply monthly or annual subscriptions without using it regularly enough to justify the investment.

As specialized professionals, SEO agencies must be equipped with the best SEO software on the market. During the performance, customers therefore benefit indirectly from the use of professional tools for which, however, they will not have to pay directly on their part.

8- Take advantage of targeted SEO expertise

SEO of e-commerce sites, videos, mobile applications, media,… as we have already mentioned, the business of SEO is very diverse. Therefore, it is not uncommon for SEO agencies to intervene “in reinforcements” on very specific topics, which are less dominated by the internal team.

Choosing the right agency is the key to success

Natural site referencing is so strategic and so sensitive that it is risky for a company to call an unrecognized service provider. The choice of agency is therefore strategic.

As with any business, not all SEO agencies are created equal. Depending on the goals of your business and your budget, it is therefore recommended that you put several providers in competition to make the right choice.

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