An alliance with Macron? Departments in Les Républicains on the technique to be adopted within the Meeting

Within Republicans, some are positioning themselves in favor of an alliance with the presidential majority. But the party president rejects the idea for now.

After the disappointing results, it is time to ask questions about the position to be adopted. At the end of the second round of parliamentary elections this week, Republicans, UDI and their allies should see 67 to 71 deputies represent them in the National Assembly, according to the latest Elabe projection for BFMTV. Weaker result than in 2017, when the party managed to send 112 deputies there.

According to Republican President Christian Jacob, the line will remain the same: “We will remain in opposition” against Emanuel Macron. However, the presidential camp, which did not reach an absolute majority at the end of the vote, will have to come to terms with other political forces in order to pass its own laws.

“As far as we are concerned, we led the campaign in opposition, we are in opposition, we will remain in opposition,” said Christian Jacob from the party headquarters.

Jean-François Copé advocates a pact

Another story about the strategy to be adopted, however, on the side of Jean-François Copé: the former minister and former deputy of the Seine-et-Marne is praying this Sunday, in a series of messages posted on Twitter, for cooperation with the presidential majority.

“I have been repeating for weeks that the government pact is vital between Macron and LR to fight the rise of extremes. Both the far left and the far right are an absolute danger to France. They embody both violence, tension and intolerance,” he wrote. social network.

“Everyone is now faced with their responsibility at the end of this election disaster for the President of the Republic. Security, public spending, secularism, state reform, it is now up to the republican right to save the state!” He continued.

The message that Christian Jacob sums up this Sunday evening in a “personal” position.

LR, the “rescue path” for the presidential party?

At the time of election, others oscillate between these two positions. Without speaking in favor of an alliance with Emmanuel Macron’s party, Rachida Dati told BFMTV that the elected LRs had supported the government for the past five years when the proposed laws were in line with their ideas.

“What have we been doing for five years?” When these reforms were in the interest of the French, we voted for them. […] We said ‘no participation in the government’, but in the National Assembly we are making progress in reforms in the interest of the French “.

“We have been ignored for five years,” she continued on our antenna this week, saying she saw her role in the presidential camp as a “lifeline”.

In the event that the LR concludes a pact with a presidential majority in the Assembly, the latter might reach an absolute majority.

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