“I did not know the place to start out”: Shanna Kress returns to social media

Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress have just experienced the nightmare of many future young parents and now have to face the death of their boy Christopher. This Sunday, June 19, on Father’s Day, the influencer posted the news on Instagram …

Together for more than two years, Jonathan Matthias and Shanna Kress recently revealed that they have taken a new step in their lives as a couple. The beautiful brunette was really pregnant. Petrified as much as amazed future parents of twins they confided in their subscribers a desire to tell this new adventure without filters. But if Jonathan and Shanna were expecting a few stones on the road to parenthood, they didn’t even imagine it the ground would literally collapse under their feet. In June, the couple found out one of their babies is potentially affected by trisomy 21.

After several tests and a long wait, the verdict fell, mercilessly confirming the first interrogation. The couple decided to understand with sadness selective termination of pregnancy, to stop the development of a fetus carrying a trisomy. A decision made by many sympathetic subscribers to the birds in love, which, however, caused controversy among others, to the extent that Shanna and Jonathan had to deal with a disturbing development.

Finding a smile, slowly

Then it was time to say goodbye to a young couple who were tested and who discovered the sex of a baby who will not see the light of day. “The one who left was a little boy. He will be in our hearts“, They discovered convinced that the latter bears the middle name of his father, Christopher. Now it is necessary for future parents to find out how to mourn this baby and hold on “this promise of the future “, the imminent arrival in the world of their second child… “We will always remember it, it will be a part of our history. We will use this as a painful memory to remember life is Beautifuland that you must seize every moment “, They explained, among other things, on their YouTube channel.

Bitter-sweet Father’s Day

After a long absence on Instagram, Shanna returned to the social network this morning, with an almost frightened smile on her face. “I didn’t know where to start “Admitted a former companion of Thibault Garcia, who thanked Internet users for their support, which was valuable in the temptation.It’s weird to keep telling stories, but you have to be there we bring our lives back slowly, slowly. We’re starting to laugh a little bit, we have to, ” she continued before explaining that she would now continue her “small life“.

On this Father’s Day she didn’t forget to celebrate Dad. It includes hers, even if she is separated from him today due to recent sad events. There is no doubt that after this temptation, she would gladly invest, to console herself, the hands of the first man of her life …

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