Legislative: rapper Médine provides tickets to a live performance to vote in opposition to Aurora Bergé

“Les Yvelines, if you lose Aurore Berger (sic) on Sunday, I offer you 15 concert tickets to the Concert de Trappes.” These words, published this Saturday on the social network Twitter, are signed by rapper Médine.

This message, at least explicit, will not surprise the followers of the successful rapper. The latter is a really fierce “opponent” of the elected Ivelin, who performed his function in the National Assembly this week.

Here the shoe is pinched. As the lawyer pointed out on social networks, according to the election law, this message can be considered a form of illegal propaganda and is subject to severe penalties. Article L.106 of this Code specifies the risks borne by the benchmark.

“Anyone who, by means of gifts or donations in cash or in kind, promises of donations, services, public or private employment or other special benefits, given with the aim of influencing the vote of one or more voters, has obtained or attempted to obtain them, either directly or through a third person, who in the same way determines or tries to determine one or more of them to abstain, will be punished by imprisonment for two years and a fine of 15,000 euros. “Those who approved or asked for the same donations, liberalism or promises will be punished with the same punishments,” the election law explains.

Aside from this risk of imprisonment or a large fine, this message, given the rapper’s notoriety, could likely undo the election in the event of a defeat with a very small gap from Aurora Bergé. The judge of the administrative court in question may consider that the tweet of the performer of the album “Médine France” could have influenced the final result. Aurore Bergé, contacted by Le Parisien, declined to comment on election day. The LREM MP was re-elected this Sunday in her constituency. When contacted, the rapper’s entourage did not respond to us at the time of writing these lines.

Lawsuit in February 2021 against Aurora Bergé

The artist, very much followed on social networks, resented the deputy president of LREM. In February 2021, the artist filed a defamation lawsuit in a Paris court against the latter. In an interview with LCI, the delegate of the president of the LREM group in the National Assembly described the artist as Islamist rapper “.

Aurore Bergé mentioned a lecture given by the rapper at the École Normale Supérieure to illustrate “what is happening at French universities”. “You have, for example, this Islamist rapper Médine, you know, the one who said that secularists must kill, is it legitimate for a school as prestigious as the ENS to give a voice to those who call for murder?” “.

Medina then explained his complaint as follows: “I am in the light and I must serve as an example, even as a symbol, to all people who follow me. I want to show those who suffer harassment or false accusations, such as those against me, that we can act and say, “Stop, it’s over.” This weekend, the rapper opened a new chapter in his conflict with the politician, which may not end there.

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