Listing of essentially the most progressive start-ups for e-commerce 2020-2021.

Paris, November 27, 2020

The Start Me Up Directory aims to present a list of start-up companies that offer particularly innovative e-commerce solutions for retailer websites. It is the result of a rigorous selection process developed by FEVAD and the consumer and retail teams of KPMG France, as part of the fourth edition of the Start Me Up Challenge. It was produced with the support of an Advisory Board specially assembled for the occasion and composed of managers and entrepreneurs, recognized for their expertise and commitment to e-commerce innovation.

The start-ups listed in this directory are grouped by fields. Each of them was the subject of a summary that includes essential information about his activity. The ranking of the 5 finalists of the Start Me Up Challenge is also indicated in the directory.

Faced with this abundance of new solutions, identifying start-ups or start-ups that will allow it to move forward in the fastest and most efficient way can prove to be a difficult exercise, especially for SMEs that do not always have the necessary resources. The purpose of this directory is to help retailers identify the most innovative and successful start-ups in their field, those that could enable them to gain competitiveness and quality of service. Therefore, it is primarily intended for all e-merchants who want to work with start-ups in order to lead new projects and accelerate their development.

Investors will also find elements of appreciation that could be useful to them in analyzing and evaluating their future e-commerce investments.

Finally, the directory provides a good reflection of current trends in e-commerce innovation. Through this publication, Fevad and KPMG intend to contribute to the promotion of innovation in the service of competitiveness and performance of French e-commerce.

Download the directory of e-commerce startups

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