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B2B vs B2C social networks, franchisor discourse, content strategy, franchise recruitment: how to use social networks when you are a franchisor?

In terms of franchise development, if social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok are privileged channels of communication with customers, in B2C, they can also be a great lever for recruiting project leaders and partners. Explanations.

Distinguish between B2C social networks and B2B networks

As a preamble, let us recall what is already obvious to some, but is of great importance: not all social networks can address the same goals. Some social networks are “reserved” for B2C relationships: Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tok. Others are purely professional: Linkedin for example. Some are mixed: Twitter.

Depending on your activity, you can therefore unite your user community on B2C social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, these networks will not be suitable for professional networking.

To develop your employer’s brandyour attractiveness as a franchise brand, to improve your status as a major economic player in your market, on professional networks, and especially on LinkedIn, you will have to concentrate your efforts.

Develop your professional fame on social media

The first function of a social network such as Linkedin for a franchise brand is to develop its professional fame. To this end, several common strategies need to be established.

Develop the franchisor’s speech

The first thing to do to use LinkedIn’s potential as a franchisor is to develop its discourse.

For this, it must be borne in mind that France has almost 2,000 franchisors. And while the number of retailers fell between 2019 and 2020 (probably partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic), it has been steadily rising since 1971.

This abundance of brands makes the search for a franchise candidate project leader complicated. And this, all the more so many brands use standardized, formatted speech, without personality.

So, your first task as a franchisor is to develop a speech that is unique to youclear, synthetic speech, which summarizes your offer, your marketing positioning, your strength in your market, but also your offer of services to franchisees in terms of training and support and, finally, your values, your identity.

In short, make full use of the potential of professional social networks, you have to work on the pitch of your brand first.

Don’t forget to stand out, to present what sets you apart from another brand. This is the cornerstone of your communication strategy on LinkedIn.

Develop a content strategy

Wouldn’t you think about communication without a plan on billboards, television, radio or the local press?

The same goes for professional social networks: you can’t just rush through an article or two from time to time, hoping for some spin-offs.

The priority is:

  • Identify topics which refers to your concept on which you will conduct regular monitoring to share content related to your offer, your positioning, your values, etc.
  • Plan every year expires communications about the events of your brand and / or your environment during which you will publish a short article.
  • Schedule regular posts to maintain the brand of the employer, answer the questions of the franchise candidate, shed light on certain key points of your concept, etc.
  • Give a voice to your employees and franchiseesthrough interviews: they are your best ambassadors.

These articles will obviously be published on your brand page, but they must also be shared in groups.

Also, do not forget that social networks, including professional ones, imply a symmetrical relationship: you also need to monitor players in your sector, potential partners and regulators, identified influential people, etc..

As you can see, if social networks are powerful business levers, they are also extremely demanding and require not only strategy development but also dedication of significant resources to their management.

Recruit your franchisees on LinkedIn

In terms of professional networking, and in particular the development of the franchise network, LinkedIn is a really powerful recruitment group and this is also one of the main uses of this social network by franchises.

Once you’ve properly worked on your brand’s speech, you can start recruiting your future franchisees on Linkedin to support the development of your network.

On the one hand, you will benefit from natural traffic: your communication work will improve your referencing, your visibility, and generate natural leads;

On the other hand, using the tools provided by Linkedin, you will be able to conduct your own research to test professionals and invite them to join you in the entrepreneurial adventure of the franchise.

For this purpose, multiple search criteriawhich can be implemented jointly, are available to you:

  • The locality;
  • The type of positions held;
  • Diplomas;
  • Attended higher education institutions;
  • Employing companies;
  • areas of interest;
  • etc.

Once you know the profiles that interest you, it’s extremely easy to target them to Linkedin and search for them.. The quality of your speech will do the rest.

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