VIDEOS. Stopping in Good-Finland: a loopy problem that Anaïs Brault shares on her social networks

Equipped with her backpack, Anaïs Brault walks along the road to reach Finland just by hitchhiking. (© Anaïs Brault)

With his thumb up and his backpack on his shoulders, Anaïs Brault walks by the side of the road. As of June 2, the 21-year-old girl is on a long journey from Nice to Finland, and the only means of travel is the kindness of the people who picked her up.

She shares her daily life and her adventures on the social network TikTok, where she has collected several million views.

The beginning of a new adventure

Anaïs Brault studied in Nice. Originally from Brittany, she has always loved travel and adventure. As of June 2, she was offered a new mission. The young girl travels several kilometers every day to reach Helsinki, Finland, where her favorite artist is performing.

“I fell in love with the artist Rezz 4 years ago and since then I have always tried to see her at a concert. So when I saw that he was going to perform in Helsinki, Finland, I took the opportunity. ” And why go by plane, when you can alone? “When I arrive, I will be proud to have achieved my goal, and that may be better than a concert.”


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Anaïs gave herself 1 month to complete her challenge. Today is almost 20 days since she left the Cote d’Azur and has already arrived in Sweden, with her only equipment: her reliable backpack. “He’s huge! she laughs.

“I have everything I need inside: a hammock, a sleeping bag, a mattress to be too comfortable, a rain tarpaulin, a rain jacket, clothes, external batteries and my boyfriend’s word. I bought a plaid there. I will cross the Arctic Circle soon. A fiery but organized girl does not neglect anything.

From rave parties in Brittany, to hitchhiking in Ireland

And this is not the first time that Anais has decided to stop in order to move. “For the first time, I must have been 16 years old. We had to go to a rave party in Brittany. I didn’t always have a car to get there so my best friend and I hitchhiked. And then I realized that I wasn’t scared and that it wasn’t dangerous. ”

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Later, he decides to decide and go to Ireland, where he will tour the country there only by hitchhiking. “I was able to visit, meet people, it was amazing. She continues and goes to Spain, thumbs up. Today Anaïs would not see him traveling any other way.

Travels that immortalize with your camera and phone. “When I went to Ireland, I realized that I hadn’t taken any photos or videos, and that I couldn’t convey this crazy adventure. This is my first instinct. It’s kind of a personal album. I will be very happy in the future when I come across these videos! ” she says excitedly.


2nd morning in Sweden

♬ What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong

“It gives me an incentive! »

She also shares videos on her TikTok account, where she has gathered more than 30,000 people since the beginning of her trip to Finland, with videos that sometimes exceed a million views.


♬ original sound – Anaïs Brault

“People are happy to follow my adventure. It pulls them out of their balloon. Through my videos, I show them that anything is possible, that they should not be led by fear. »

For her part, Anaïs finds comfort and encouragement through the community she has managed to gather behind her. “Having all these comments from people who support me, who send me strength, it gives me a boost in my adventure! It warms my heart. “

“There are only nice meetings”

His fuel is also the encounters he can make during his travels. “There, for example, I met a Swede who received me in his home for 2 days. It was a great meeting. As I was leaving, I took him in my arms. I had a stab in the heart. “

It is these encounters in different countries and different cultures that make him travel by hitchhiking, not by plane or train. “In Germany, I slept with a person who sells double bass, so I could play the instrument a little!”


♬ original sound – Anaïs Brault

“I want to show that there are only nice meetings and that there is no reason for fear. We all don’t trust each other when we are, in fact, just normal people. “

“I’m not afraid”

A 21-year-old hitchhiker would worry more than one person, but not Anaïs. “There are a lot of people who tell me I have the courage. I don’t necessarily think so, because in order to have courage, you need fear. And I’m not afraid. I am connected to my instincts and so far it has always worked! I’ve never had a problem. “

Mostly, the people who lead me are either used to picking people up by hitchhiking, or I remind them of their child, so it’s more of a protective spirit than an unhealthy one, she confides.


♬ original sound – Anaïs Brault

Through her videos, Anaïs wants to share her experience and deny the cliché about hitchhiking. “I want to show that it is possible to travel without losing the bank while living a crazy adventure with unforgettable encounters. The next goal for the young girl: to go to India on foot. “But that’s not for now! »

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