On Instagram, actuality TV candidates are taking part in with the cash of their younger subscribers

“Hello my little investors.” Common to all kinds of promotions, reality candidate Julien Bert has found his new business: trade. In his videos, the star of the network promises his internet users that he will easily make money by “passive investments”. An idea? Use what is called a “trading robot”, an automated tool that does … Read more

Information all over the world :: 4 causes to create an e-commerce website :: Information from all over the world

Even the most pessimistic on the ground could not imagine a global scenario like the one that took place in 2020. The pandemic turned the economic and trade landscape upside down. Most companies saw that their business was in jeopardy, but there were exceptions. E-commerce traffic has risen to unprecedented levels. Creating e-commerce is an … Read more

British smartphone equipment model provides Finest Purchase to its world retail portfolio simply over a yr after launch

“Our design philosophy, inspired by our previous experience in some of the world’s largest technology companies, not only focuses on solving everyday consumer problems, we also use or develop materials that ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. while remaining elegant. ” LONDON (PRWEB) June 20, 2022 Atom Studios, a brand of durable smartphone … Read more

How is Air France elevating its place on Google?

Between brand protection, competitive intelligence and SEO / SEA synergies, optimizing search campaigns on Google is a real challenge for companies. An airline ticket is sold every 6 seconds on Airfrance.com. This represents 40% of the company’s total sales. It’s easy to see that optimizing your search campaigns is key to your brand. Only, how … Read more

They modified because of LinkedIn: statements

“Tool with crazy potential” Amélie Favre Guittet, 45, from recruiter to HR matchmaker on LinkedIn No hologram required for duplication. Amélie Favre Guittet, 45, co-founded four structures in recruitment, job search teaching and training. A total of ten workers are employed. A columnist on B Smart Channel, she has also just joined the board of … Read more

Rennes Legislature: Hind Saoud information lawsuit in opposition to former MP Mustafa Laabid – Battle of Rennes Parliamentary Elections 2022

She waited until the end of the election to announce it. Hind Saoud, Candidate Together! who lost this week in the 1st constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine to the rebellious Frédéric Mathieu (Nupes), has filed a lawsuit against former MP En Marche for the said constituency Mustapha Laabida. “I filed a complaint just before the first round. … Read more

Polygamists have been trying to find Fb for 15 years

Being able to post someone’s connection status on your profile is one of Facebook’s oldest features, with an official Facebook connection or an official one on Facebook even becoming a turning point for some people. But obviously, from its inception, this feature of Facebook has been discriminatory towards polygamists. Indeed, if it is possible for … Read more

E-commerce: evolution and tendencies

Covid-19, a modulating factor in the online market This is a quote from the CEO of Microsoft who spoke about the effects of the pandemic, in its early stages. We are in the spring of 2020 and Satya Nadella is already expressing her impressions: “We are witnessing two years of digital transformation two months apart. … Read more