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Even the most pessimistic on the ground could not imagine a global scenario like the one that took place in 2020. The pandemic turned the economic and trade landscape upside down. Most companies saw that their business was in jeopardy, but there were exceptions. E-commerce traffic has risen to unprecedented levels. Creating e-commerce is an option that has a present and a future.

Shopping habits were strengthened during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, e-commerce was in an enviable state, with annual growth of close to 30%. According to various studies, online sales in France rose from 9% to 13% in 2020. The pandemic has further boosted online e-commerce. The numbers rose during isolation and remained high during the summer months.

In light of the pandemic, shoppers have turned even more to online shopping. So much so that 40% of e-commerce site owners admit to increasing sales during the pandemic. Setting up an e-commerce business will give you the opportunity to start a business that is immune to possible closure scenarios.

Opportunities exist in all online sectors

Gone are the years when, out of ignorance or fear of the newspaper,Internet it was used only for hotel reservations and the occasional purchase of technology.

E-commerce has been able to identify user fears. They have adapted to the new reality by creating an environment of trust and enabling the majority of the population to use the Internet to buy goods and services.

Fresh products, clothes, footwear … These markets, a priori reluctant to launch on the Internet, have also recently experienced exponential growth thanks to the advantages of the Internet channel: benefits, diversity, price …

Attracting customers is cheaper in a virtual environment

Creating e-commerce is cheap. You can order it at a reasonable price or do it yourself “at no cost” by following the video or manual. But you will need to attract some of those millions of users who surf the internet every day in search of information, goods and services.

To do this, you will need to resort to SEO or SEM which, without a cheap strategy, will be cheaper than opening a physical store and running a complete offline marketing campaign.

In addition, the internet channel will allow you to attract the type of customers you need to take your business to the next level.

You have the opportunity to internationalize your business

You must first create a successful online store. When you consolidate nationally, you can bet on access to a global market with millions of potential customers. Can you satisfy them with your e-commerce? The international leap is much easier through an internet channel than through a traditional channel.

As you can see, the benefits of launching e-commerce have increased thanks to the pandemic. It is up to you to take advantage of that.

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