Rennes Legislature: Hind Saoud information lawsuit in opposition to former MP Mustafa Laabid – Battle of Rennes Parliamentary Elections 2022

She waited until the end of the election to announce it. Hind Saoud, Candidate Together! who lost this week in the 1st constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine to the rebellious Frédéric Mathieu (Nupes), has filed a lawsuit against former MP En Marche for the said constituency Mustapha Laabida. “I filed a complaint just before the first round. He has gone too far – the fallen candidate confides to Telegram.

Elected in 2017 under the colors of the Republic in March, Mustapha Laabid was forced to resign after being convicted of breach of trust in the Collectif Intermède affair. The post of deputy, now occupied by Frédéric Mathieu, then remained vacant for several months. Former parliamentary associate of Mustafa Laabid, Hind Saud quickly resigned, seeing the turnaround in which the affair started. And, after the court convicted him, he did not hide his disgust, causing “betrayal”.

Two more complaints from former associates

Did this trip inspire a desire for revenge on the former walking MP? In any case, Hind did not spare Saoud during the campaign through murderous messages on the social network Twitter. Against him, as well as against two other of his former parliamentary associates, who, to our knowledge, also filed a complaint against the former MP. An appearance that does not worry the person in question too much. The disappointment at home (Hind Saoud, editor’s note) must be great! In the Parish we call it having seum “, says Mustapha Laabid, responding to Telegram’s request with an SMS message. And to add: “I only wrote the truth. He will just spend his time and money. “

It’s out of the question for me to get so dirty

“He casts shame, he plays on amalgams. People came to the markets to talk to me about it. I can’t let this go. It is out of the question for me to get so dirty, ”insists Hind Saoud. Rennaise who will now dedicate herself to the position of Regional Coordinator for the Renaissance (ex-LREM) in Brittany. “There is a real project, especially anchoring in the territories. »

The former candidate also wants to ask about continuing her political career after the tenure of regional councilor and experience in the city of Rennes. “I am thinking of the following on the front page (1st constituency, editor’s note). I will always be an activist. »

Lamballe souvenir with Le Drian

Despite the defeat on Sunday night, Hind Saoud believes she and her team were not unworthy. “In the national and local context, we have resisted well. We had a great campaign. However, she said she was “stunned” by the winning speech of her opponent Frédéric Mathieu. “He had an ideological speech. It was not a gathering and unifying speech. He will have to get out of his dogmatic vision. He is now everyone’s deputy – she warns. An outing that reminded him of the words of Jean-Yves Le Drian, in Lamballe, in 2016, before the advent of macronism. “Jean-Yves talked about creating populist blocs. From election to election, this is confirmed and worries. »

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