She sends her father a photograph from the vacation earlier than noticing the awkward element

Kelsey made Web react by sharing her story on social media. This young woman was on vacation in Turkey with her partner Elliot. She wanted to share this little journey by sending a few pictures to her parents.

Regret for his life

At first glance, there was nothing abnormal in the photo. Kelsey could be seen with her boyfriend posing in front of the mirror in their hotel room. It’s as cliché as the others if you don’t pay more attention than that.

But Kelsey’s dad seems to be a very considerate man because he noticed a rather awkward detail in his daughter’s photo. And the mother of the young woman was the one who told her what her father found in the photo. First of all, Kelsey’s mother said that her husband’s photos of her daughter and companion on vacation were “beautiful”.

This before adding:

“I love a bottle of Durex.”

And yes, you guessed it, one of the photos Kelsey sent them really was a condom pack. Embarrassed, she tries to drown the fish trying to convince her that it was her companion’s knee gel. But nothing she could say could convince her parents. And this despite the attempts of young Britons.

“Dad zoomed in,” his mother explained.

An event that made the Web react

So Kelsey had no choice but to recognize that the photo was really a bottle of Durex, not his sweetheart’s knee gel. Although all this was uncomfortable for her, the beautiful brunette still wanted to share what she experienced on her Twitter account.

And as a title for his post, Kelsey wrote:

“I’m sorry, Dad. I will no longer send photos from the holiday in a hurry “

This announcement by the British soon went viral and provoked thousands of reactions. Following this noise, Unilad invited the director in question for an interview. Kelsey returned without hesitation to the incident between her and her father.

She shared how her boyfriend Elliott was embarrassed after his stepfather revealed this little detail in their photo. The young man did not understand why his girlfriend could not understand that a condom was in the picture.

As for her parents, Kelsey said her family still teases her, but “she tolerates it well.” No doubt he will check every detail well after this event before sending photos to his parents.

Another young woman made the same mistake

Kelsey’s story is reminiscent of a young girl who also sent a photo to her family, without checking further details. Very proud of her new cut, she wanted to take a picture in her bathroom and quickly sent the picture to a “family” group consisting of her father, mother and brother.

“My hair is ready for an interview,” she wrote the photo.

If everything was going well by then, things took a new turn when, reading her brother’s sarcastic messages about her build, she noticed the presence of her two vibrators in a picture she sent to her family.

In a panic, he then asks his brother to flood the group with messages, in order to “drown” his photo. Except his brother still wanted to make the situation worse. The young man shared a photo of his sister on the social network Imgur. The result: the image was viewed almost 200,000 times.

A very nice gesture from his brother, isn’t it?

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