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The dematerialization market is in full swing, and new obligations for companies are yet to come

Faced with the turmoil in working methods associated with the Covid-19 crisis, the dematerialization of documents has proven to be a real asset for companies that have already begun this transformation. And the trend continues to accelerate. The annual turnover of dematerialization of documents in France should thus reach 9 billion euros in 2023 (source: XERFI 01/21), and from electronic management of digital files it would increase to 5 billion euros in 2024 (Global Market Insight 05/18). In addition to new ways of working (remote and mobile), companies will also have to speed up their transition to meet their new obligations to issue and receive electronic invoices for VAT-based companies established in France. All will have to surrender to it according to the progressive implementation schedule between 2024 and 2026 (

How to anticipate small and medium-sized organizations and face the nightmare of digital ranking?

But in practice, on the ground, and especially for small and medium-sized structures, complexity remains. First, because many companies are overwhelmed by the number of digital transformation solutions on the market every day and can’t find their account. VSE / SMEs often do not have the resources or time to adopt the right IT tools. Then, in practice, users become users limited by IT solutions with which they do not feel completely relaxed. These tools can seem counterintuitive, complicated and difficult to access. It is true that in 30 years the basic concepts of computer tools for document management (recording, document storage, etc.) have changed little. These tools require the user to adapt to what the computer tool allows. In addition to the obligation of electronic invoices, it is a completely new way of storing and classifying the mass of digital files and documents that must be uploaded.

To meet these needs on the ground, a team of Azure Coast entrepreneurs led by Leonard Cox (co-founder and CEO, former Chief of Staff Pierre Gattaz at MEDEF) has launched TidyUp Technologies which promises to offer an intelligent digital content visualization and classification solution to simplified everyday life and saved time. “Our ambition is to save small and medium-sized organizations from the nightmare of document management and archiving thanks to a simple and reliable solution for storing and archiving digital documents to support them in the digital transition,” says Céline Payelle, co-founder and Director of Marketing and Communications TidyUp Technologies. In short, the summary of artificial intelligence would now be in the service of simplified storage and facilitation of VSE / SMEs.

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