They modified because of LinkedIn: statements

“Tool with crazy potential”

Amélie Favre Guittet, 45, from recruiter to HR matchmaker on LinkedIn

No hologram required for duplication. Amélie Favre Guittet, 45, co-founded four structures in recruitment, job search teaching and training. A total of ten workers are employed. A columnist on B Smart Channel, she has also just joined the board of, an association that helps young people find their way and find work. She owes much of this crowded activity to her talents as an influencer: 244,140 are her LinkedIn subscribers in mid-May.

She expressed herself on this professional social network, not counting from the beginning. Initially, an ordinary recruiter communicates about job offers or missions entrusted to her by her clients. “Then, of course, I started sharing tips and advice on simple topics: resume, job interview, salary negotiation,” she says. Simple but effective. The number of her followers is growing here and she realizes the “crazy potential of this tool”.

Thanks to the growing exposure, which convinces visitors and strengthens its legitimacy in its areas of intervention, it manages to diversify its activities: business schools or companies demand it. No need to spend insane budgets on marketing campaigns, 75% of its traffic is generated by social media. “I became the head of the gondola of my brands”, laughs this self-proclaimed “HR matchmaker”. Of course, that’s a lot of work. La quadra is published at least twice a week. One of his most recent posts: “How (really) to end your workday at home?” In the era of hybrid work, success is guaranteed.

“I monetized my methods”

Ruben Taïeb, 29, from permanent contract salesman to LinkedIn trainer

Ruben Taïeb remembers having a “ball in his stomach” when he went to his old office. He then advertised on CDI at a web reference agency, was stressed out to miss RER in the morning and got bored of his job. His only pleasure: creating content on a LinkedIn account that he was asked to open when he arrived in early 2019. Passionate about video games, he posted various topics on a daily basis, which are not necessarily related to his work. : link to publication, citation, survey, etc.

It all speeds up when you start sharing tips and tricks for optimizing your profile, expanding your network, or creating content. In a few months, it exceeds 30,000 subscribers and 150,000 views. Requests for advice on how to use the network are so common that he thinks it could be a business opportunity. “I had a poorly paid and unrewarded job. As I enjoyed creating content and sharing, I thought I might be able to cash in on my methods, ”confides the entrepreneur of humble social background.

In November 2019, he started by creating his own structure, Le Cocon, to train salespeople at LinkedIn or help employees become “ambassadors” of their company on networks. Missions follow each other quickly. He says that he works hard and gets to know hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs. He befriends some.

Now his community exceeds 46,000 subscribers. At the age of 29, he became a star in his specialty. Now that he earns much better for a living, he can afford travel and projects. He got married and will soon become a dad. He enjoys working alone … even at night. “I am like a balloon. I created all my training materials at night! ”

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