6 misconceptions about job search

Many preconceived ideas still interfere with the effectiveness of individual job search procedures. QAPA with you denies 6 major misconceptions. πŸ‘‡

  • 1 CV is a central element of job search : CV is just a job search tool. However, your professional project is the thread of your future career. It helps guide you and make the right decisions, step by step and through your professional life.
  • 2 You can always send the same CV : The basis of your CV will always remain the same. However, try to adapt it to each job offer to make a difference and move on. Improve your skills and highlight some according to the specific needs of the company. This will help you highlight your profile and allow the recruiter to better design with you.
  • 3 No one reads the cover letter anymore. : Indeed, if your cover letter is a copy-paste from the Internet, it is not of interest to the recruiter. However, if you manage to write a quality, personal and original letter, it will make a difference in front of other candidates and prove your motivation.
  • 4 Looking for a job is a professional bracket : The job search period should be seen as an opportunity to see yourself and your professional future. During this period, ask yourself the right questions, what are your expectations regarding the salary? Do you still want to do the job you are looking for? In what atmosphere and place do you want to work? Did you feel like you belonged to your old job? This will help you see more clearly and come back better. Take advantage of this period of inactivity to volunteer or train to specialize. Explore your desires, learn and don’t hesitate to develop your network.
  • 5 A social media profile is the equivalent of a CV : Your CV has a very specific use, it is used as an attachment to the application or spontaneously. On social networks, the approach is different. Your profile should be written as an invitation and is intended to be found by recruiters. You need to add skills, location and keywords to stand out.
  • 6 On networks to which we do not apply, contact us recruiters : Admittedly, social networks allow your profile to be promoted and noticed by recruiters, however, it is important to use them well and be active to build your professional network. You need to get into the dynamics of relationships, communicate with professionals and speak up to be noticed and strengthen your professional identity online.

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