Author Sylvie Germain sufferer of torrent of insults on social media after writing French commencement

The author of the text proposed for comment by the French graduate, Sylvie Germain, was the subject of the vengefulness of some dissatisfied candidates. In an often pale style.

“My afternoon occupation: reporting on the tweets of stupid students who insult and threaten #SylvieGermain because they haven’t done anything all year. They are violent. And no doubt about their chronic lack of work, ha! The indignation of this Internet user on Twitter is proportional to the torrent of insults collected by the writer Sylvie Germain on social networks. His mistake? He had the misfortune to see an excerpt from his novel angry days – Femina Award in 1989 – a comment from the French graduation exam suggested a few days ago.

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The text of about twenty lines gave a description of nine brothers, a species of forester, bred in the forests of Morvan, “in the indefinite past”. The forest-cultural atmosphere of the extract, the opacity of certain images and the lexical field of nature have obviously destabilized more than one. The “Newborn students” the concerned found nothing better than to express their frustration on Instagram with the questionable vocabulary and spelling that goes along with it. “Take a comment, leave the training room for the forest ranger”, “Can we know the names of 9 sons, please?” “I didn’t miss the book on the jungle”. Not to mention the insults and flashes of the smartest, much more inspired in the invective than in the face of their copy.

angry teachers

Many internet users have defended the writer, condemning on Twitter the unjustified violence of this noisy minority, pointing the finger at the low educational level of the candidates in question. “Hello, the intelligence of young people who pass the French Matura and who resent #sylviegermain because it has more than three words from the vocabulary…”, the student complains. Teachers express their concerns on social media. “Are the high schoolers wild on #sylviegermain really grown up and the voters of tomorrow?” “I am horrified when I see the reaction of the students … They show unacceptable violence against this author (who, moreover, is in no way responsible for their lack of culture). It would be wiser not to choose a living author for the EAF anymore.

Previous tests in French will have their share of controversy this year, a week after the professional graduation and doubts about the word “playful”, the meaning of which several candidates did not know.

■ Excerpt for written comment from the French Matura:

Sylvie Germain (born 1954), angry daysPoems, “Brothers”, 1989 Set in the indefinite past, the novel by Sylvie Germain angry days takes place in the forests of Morvan. The following text is taken from the chapter entitled “Brothers”. He represents the nine sons of Ephraïm Mauperthuis and Reinette-la-Grasse.

“They were people from the forest. And the forests made them after their image. On their power, their loneliness, their rudeness. Hardness drawn from their common ground, this soft pink granite base is millions of centuries old, rustling with springs, pierced by lakes, protruding everywhere among grasses, ferns and thorns. The same song inhabited them, people and trees. A song that was always faced with silence, with a deadline. A song without melody. A brutal song, which clashes like the seasons, – terrible summers of heat, long winters petrified under the snow. A song made up of cries, clamor, echoes and tumult. A song that sang as much as their joys as much as their anger.

Because everything in them took on accents of anger, even love. They were raised more among the trees than among the people, from childhood they ate fruits, vegetables and forest fruits that grow in the bush and the meat of animals that live in the forests; they knew all the paths traced in the sky by the stars and all the paths that meander between trees, thorns and bushes and in whose shadow foxes, wild cats and deer run, and the alleys where boars roam. Streets drawn at ground level between grass and thorns parallel to the Milky Way, as if reflected. As an echo and on the path that led the pilgrims from Vézelay to Santiago de Compostela. They knew all the centuries-old passages dug by beasts, people and stars.

The house in which they were born very quickly proved too small to accommodate them all, and above all too poor to feed them. They were the sons of Ephraim Mauperthuis and Reinette-la-Grasse.

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